Aham sharma dating

Aham sharma dating

Saral loves Radhika and wantsRadhika lands in

Saral loves Radhika and wants to marry her at the earliest. Radhika lands in Mumbai with many dreams and loves everything around her. She is currently undergoing treatment for cancer in New York. Dilip refuses initially, but she uses her words to convince him. Sonali Bendre during her treatment in New York Favorite Things Bendre loves cooking, is one of her favorite thing to do.

She belongs to a Maharashtrian family. Radhika is brought up in Rishikesh and accidentally meets Samaira at her shop.

His role has various shades where he constantly strives between the good and the bad in him. Girlfriend This tall and handsome actor looks even dishier when he is not in his acting costumes.

He is a person who looks shady to the world, but had a golden heart. The whole of Bollywood has shown its concern for her.

He played the role of Arjun Mehra the protagonist with a hidden motif. She gets cheated by her competitor Bonnie and gets in wrong books again. It shares the principles of parenting to find the balance between modern values and tradition. He asks her not to regret later in her life and fulfill all her wishes.

She is currentlyDilip refuses initially but she uses