Bleach ichigo and orihime dating

Bleach ichigo and orihime dating

Read chapters and judge

They stood there in an akward position for a minute looking away from each other. Only Kubo knows and will decide for it.

Besides along with Orihime, there is also Rukia which can be paired with Ichigo. Yes, this may or may not happen but as we all know there is Ichiruki too, Bleach is a Shounen so there may not be a pairing at all. Before she was taken off to Hueco Mundo Ichigo was the one person she chose to see.

Also, I think Rukia knows too. They both came out of their rooms at the same time causing them to stop for a second to look at each other and say good morning.

He never loses his temper with Orihime and is very gentle for the most part when considering his feelings. Especially when Ukitake says she may already be dead.

Will Orihime Start Dating Ichigo in Bleach

When they got home

They both decided to see a movie. Rukia instantly started to came down as she felt him wrap his arms around him.

They only broke the kiss to breath. Rukia's date Both Rukia and Ichigo woke up knowing they had tell each other their feelings even if they didn't feel the same, otherwise it would drive them both insane wondering. Ichigo put his arms around her as the bad guy killed a guy in front of his girlfreind. She's old enough to be Ichigo's great grandma. Ichigo just stood there blushing and imagining Rukia without her cloths on.

He may come to like one of them in the future but we don't really know. Ichigo snaped back to reality and they went to his room and started playing a game of scrabel.

Rukia's date Both Rukia andThey only broke the kissBoth he and

Right as they were putting it away Yuzu called the for dinner. He is just a complete mess. Besides, we all know Renji really likes her and they are closer in age.

He freaks out completely and falls into a worse slump than he did over Rukia. He handed her the rose and she kissed him on the cheek as a thank you for the rose, them both going pink in front off the man. In the chapter after that, Ichigo gets in a fight with Tatsuki, even allowing her to beat him up. Next, Ichigo is always patient with Orihime and not Rukia. Yuzu and even Karin blushed at hearing these words come from their father's mouth.

He did slip up in chapter when her weight seemed to come up - she was embarrassed because he had her over one shoulder. He looks up and before thinking about the battle or Ishida, he asks Orihime if she's ok.

Isshin complied and sat at the table as Rukia and Ichigo did the same. So you know where his true priorities lay. First he feels for the hole in his chest. No offense to the Rukia fans out there, its just the way I see it. Your review has been posted.

Read chapters and judge the way Ichigo acts during both chapters. Both he and Rukia's faces had become red from the kiss. When they got home they put away Rukia's new cloths.