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Excellent for the scoring of cartoons or romantic comedy. One of the best composition from Jatin-Lalit. This is a touching and emotional cinematic piece for any romantic and lovely moments of your life. Great for romantic film, wedding videos, family slideshow, nature journey and other. And now videos of romantic Hindi songs viewed million times on YouTube and iTunes.

More tracks of this nature are being recorded and released. Beautiful classical orchestral piano track with touchful and emotional melody. Music conveys feelings of nostalgia and mild sadness.

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Beautiful and emotional, yet lyrical romantic track. Romantic background music collection. Good for promotional videos, love stories, indie travel videos, movie trailers, film scores, commercial background music, YouTube videos, corporate presentations, duras wela wenas wela mp3 song and more! This is beautiful and sincere acoustic music with tender and warm atmosphere.

This lovely music can be used in romantic films, love stories, cinematic trailers and adventure scenes. Another one written by Gulzar that brings to the fore the very idea that one can never be too old to fall in love. This is atmospheric and ambient acoustic folk music with huge space and warm sound.

Beautiful and charming cinematic orchestral piece with a bit of sweet melancholy for a serene and celestial mood. Religion and Indian Cinema. Perfect for corporate use, party scenes, teenage flicks, dynamic youthful videos, commercials, new product promos, fitness and workout. Gentle and elegant inspirational music with beautiful and intimate sound. Hope you will enjoy the collection.

Ideal background music for success story, summer trip, youtube, vlogs, romantic videos, wedding projects, peaceful home video, slideshow. Fit for commercials, presentations, lifestyle videos, party video, travel video about Latin American countries. Heartwarming, light and uplifting music with a positive and optimistic mood.

Best of Bollywood love songs ever

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Consists of acoustic guitars, electric guitars, Hammond organ, electric bass, and acoustic drums. The composition performed at a middle tempo sounds easy and airy, forming exclusively positive feelings. The lyrics all over simply conveys the lovey-dovey vibes beautifully. Rafi Sahab again with this best romantic mood.

This is emotional, careful and cinematic track with romantic and sentimental mood. Main instruments are acoustic guitar, piano, electric bass, strings and harp. Perfect background music for corporate projects, romantic anniversary, honeymoon journey, vlogs, summer trip with family or friends, peaceful home video, success story, etc. Underscore in Hollywood's movie style.

So this form of music plays a vital role in the creation of a very impression on the mind of the other people. Great for cocktail party and restaurant cafe background, romantic and intimacy scenes, Paris and French atmosphere, lounge zones, elevator music and more. Now-a-days there are music played at almost all the restaurants and the hotels where the people often come for a date.

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This article has multiple issues. Nice background audio for any cinematic projects, movies, love stories, travel journey, inspiring moments of life and other similar projects. Travels of Hindi Song and Dance. If there is a romantic music played at the place where the married couple goes and so there is a very pleasure environment built and so the people enjoy their outing. This song is famous not just for its beautiful lyrics but also for the beautiful location this has been picturised at.


No matter how hard we try to define what love is, words are never just enough to express this. You gotta definitely play this one on repeat.

This is a beautiful song that features Aamir Khan and Ayesha Jhulka in a melodious romantic outset. The depth of pain is the only measuring parameter of Love. Positive and optimistic track with carefree and light mood. Inspiring electronic music for wide application in media projects.

This song will sail you through the dream land. Melodious piano solo is easy for perception and pleasant. Share on facebook twitter tumblr. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and A. Happy, uplifting and positive vibes producing Americana folk track.

Hindi dance music encompasses a wide range of songs predominantly featured in the Bollywood film industry with a growing worldwide attraction. The Golden voice of Mukesh and Lata defined a new era of Bollywood love songs. Indian musicians began fusing rock with traditional Indian music from the mids onwards in filmi songs produced for popular Bollywood films. This romantic background music track was created to make a sense of idyll and a calm similar to staying on the seashore during sunset.

Hindi film songs and the cinema. Heartful and dreamy piano orchestral tune with touchful and emotional mood. You can use it as a modern soundtrack in multimedia use, film production, slow-motion videos, nature timelapse, etc.

Nice music for cinematic videos, drone timelapse, romantic and emotional visuals. Arijit once again proved that is is the best voice for Bollywood love songs. Sung beautifully by singers Palak and Amaal Mallik, this one is indeed a tear-jerker. You will not stop yourself from humming the song. Suitable for cinematic projects, wedding celebration, anniversary videos, great achievements, the story of success and greatness.

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Patrick's Day celebration, Gaelic fairytale, fantasy film, nature landscape, etc. Beautiful atmospheric cinematic track with magical, motivational and hopeful mood.