Disturbing Photographs Capture Just How Bad the Plastic Pollution in Mumbai Is

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But since it was an emergency, we had no other option. Corporators have demanded a third-party audit in the matter. Not only here, even a city like London faces the same issue.

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Disturbing Photographs Capture Just How Bad the Plastic Pollution in Mumbai Is

Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta is hellbent on doing whatever it takes to repair that perception. The on-ground staff will ensure that the toilets are fit for usage at all times. We have eliminated unreasonable and unfair conditions. Mehta has not just ensured that the corporation filed charges against all officers in the road scam, but has effected a fundamental change in accountability for civic works pattern.

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It's the only public place in city offering a view of the flamingoes that are spotted in the mudflats between November and June. This made me wonder why there is this disconnect and where have we lost it.

That perception got further solidified in the last few days with the first monsoon showers opening up potholes on every major and minor thoroughfare of Mumbai like chronic wounds. Effecting change Local corporator Sachin Padwal of Shiv Sena has been following up on the issue for the past few months. So this monsoon as you negotiate the craters on the road, cushion the bumps with the thought that maybe things will be better by next year. Of course, with media churning out so much information in the open, people are bound to be resentful.

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Barring locals, not many are aware of the fort, and it isn't considered safe for women. Dr Tejas Garge, director of the Directorate, said they have been trying to find old pictures of Sewri Fort, so that they can retain the structure's original look. After finding the results of the survey, the civic body decided that a new women-friendly toilet in the same vicinity will be built on priority.

He made a reference to the ensuing criminal action against erring civic officials, even as two chief engineers have recently been arrested and remanded to police custody. Garge, who is aware of the problem, said they are planning to set up wooden doors to the godowns to curb such illicit activities.

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Mehta's sting is in the tail and needs some explaining. The civic body has decided to have inspectors to keep a steady check and get hold of offenders.

It is the job of a third party auditor to certify that the construction has fulfilled all specified norms. Along with this there is a waiting area and a water cooler facility.