Catie wayne steve zaragoza dating

Catie wayne steve zaragoza dating

Dramatic Pause I like to play with myself. Long enough to cover all it needs to cover, but short enough to still be interesting. Not that I fear drowning, but more so I'm scared of the things living down there. As such, I'm slightly uncomfortable around beige cars.

Just because you do it doesn't mean you'll be instantly respected and everyone will agree. You have to expect people to voice their opinions about how full of it you are. Then sit back and watch as everyone tries to figure out how you did it. Only focus on what did happen, make the best of it, and push on forward. And it always helps to have good friends to help you along the way.

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You'll be better for it the next time.

Needlessly dwelling on what didn't happen especially when there were worse outcomes can slow you down making it harder to get over things. Most of my humor comes from sarcasm, irony, and ranting. The more personality the better. Some complaining in life is expected and acceptable, but dammit, I can't stand people who are constantly negative about every damn thing.

People who think they can speak their mind without consequence. There's to many cookie cutter people out in the world who are afraid to admit their own quirks and embrace them, and lack interests outside the norm. You should come visit sometime.

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Those that divide people into two divisions, and those that don't. There's always light at the end of even the darkest tunnel.

Set a man on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life. If you're gonna do it, be ready to defend your stance, because I know I'm ready to defend mine. Kick some ass and chew some gum.

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