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Artists of all expertise levels can benefit from these pastels, especially those interested in illustration or tightly rendered drawings. These can be used with other pastels for drawing outlines and adding accents. Several types of goods are exempt from being returned. We also do not accept products that are intimate or sanitary goods, hazardous materials, or flammable liquids or gases.

They can be used with brush pens and paint brushes for a nice smooth watercolor look. International shipping will be sent by AusPost. Be sure to stop by regularly to take advantage of our sales and specials that will help you save even more off of our everyday low prices. They feel luxuriously smooth as they release consistently deep, rich color. Studio Derwent Studio color pencils are perfect for detailing.

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All questions will be answered honestly. Pastel Pencils Derwent Pastel Pencils are best for keeping hands clean while working with a normally chalky medium. The covering power of Pablo color pencils enables easy usage on a large number of backgrounds, ranging from variously textured paper and cardboard to wooden panels. The bodies of the pencils are completely varnished and sealed with a shiny color that corresponds to the color of the lead. Our modest venture has grown into quite a large shop and now allows us to fulfill the needs of clients all over the world as well as locally here at home.

The lead contains a high level of pigment, making the pencils ideally suited both to drawing lines and shading, as well as blending and merging into delicate colour transitions. It is your responsibility to gather additional information on the use of a product, therefore we are not liable for injuries or health issues resulting directly or indirectly from any product use. They are favored by our local Bronx Botanical Garden classes as the best color pencils to work with. Our knowledge of Art supplies is very high and given out freely to help you achieve the best results possible in all aspects of art. Hard pastels are traditionally used to create the preliminary sketching out of a composition.

However, the colors are less brilliant and are available in a restricted range in contrast to soft pastels. They are highly concentrated in pigment so much so that a single stroke delivers a single solid line of brilliant color. The hexagonal barrel and blendable color strip makes them great for detailed pencil drawings, particularly illustrations and botanical art.

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Many artists who enjoy pastel techniques and their versatility, but not the dirty hands and coloured dust that accompany them, have opted to use these special pencils. These are pencils with a pastel lead. These are similar to soft pastels, but contain a water-soluble component, such as Polyethylene glycol.

These have a soft, buttery consistency and intense colors. Its excellent color range is perfect for pastel painters. It must also be in the original packaging. The body of the pencils is completely varnished and sheathed in a glossy color corresponding to the color of the lead. Watercolour pencils are not permanent so once the color is dry you can re-wet it and move it about again.

Their comfortable handling and large contact surface allow large areas to be covered with a high degree of regularity. Water-soluble pastels are made in a restricted range of hues in strong colors.

They are great for entry level pastel artists and are perfect for all ages. These pastels have a number of characteristics and unique features including the perfect degree of softness. Offering great freedom of use, Neoart Aquarelle pastels are ideal for lively artistic effects.

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They can be used dry or moist, they enable blending and wet drawing, sponge techniques or rainbow applications. The drawing can be readily smudged and blended, but it results in a higher proportion of dust. Just peel off the wrapper and use the whole stick to paint big blocks of color, or break it in to smaller pieces to create different effects. The high standards of the Polychromos colored pencils shine through, whether they are used for graphics, artistic free style or for the exact rendition of plans. Watercolor Watercolors pencils are great because they offer the control of a colored pencil and can be mixed with water to create interesting color flows.

This is the most widely used form of pastel. White chalk may be used as a filler in producing pale and bright hues with greater luminosity. There is no need to sharpen, so you can use any side of the stick at any angle you may choose. Add water and create washes for a beautiful watercolor effect in your paintings.

Their smooth texture is exceptionally soft, while their extra-large diameter is combined with very high-density pigmentation for luminous, semi-opaque colors. These pastels are sold individually or in sets, some of the sets are specific to landscapes, portrait colors or half sticks. These acid-free pastels are ideal for use on paper, board or canvas, they are more vivid than chalk pastels and more resistant to the effects of humidity for longer-lasting drawings.