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The Bajaj Boxer This was a more innovative version of the and comes with a wonderful concoction of power and fuel-efficiency. There is still no clarity as to when it will officially launch and so all one can do is wait for further updates.

Reports also suggest that the bike labels as Africa's No. You might receive fruitful information from others.

Long distance is an easy done with the km range. And it has been around for decades to prove its metal. Bajaj has set a very good example that durability need not be expensive.

Reports also suggest that theYou might receive fruitful information

If any softer I would go to sleep. This is an amazing range for any bike now a days. This is one of those bikes that makes me an emotional fool to buy and have in my stable. When it came out in India, it proved to be one robust and adequately low-cost option for commuters.

For fathers to teach their sons and daughters who love to ride. It also incorporates a naturally cooled power plant ensuring that long journeys under testing conditions do not overheat the engine. The wide handlebars make the bike easier to maneuver around in city. This gave riders the option to choose between economy and speedy mode.

This is by far the cheapest engine on two wheels you can buy. Its dependency is what makes it one of the most popular models in India. The dual spring suspension makes for a plush ride along with the really soft seat. The seat height is low making it easy for average Indians and the lightweight is a blessing in disguise. Because there is not much that can damage this bike.

The new Bajaj

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The new Bajaj Boxer X model was seen undergoing testing and expectancy is that it will soon be launching in India. There is enough fuel for places with lack petrol pumps. Its dependency is more than impressive in regions of Egypt and Iran. Small things like a fall would merely scratch the decals.