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Dating door hardware, antique Door Knobs

See lock diagram following for definition of terms in these directions. You must now make a recess in the edge of the door so that the faceplate of the lock is flush with the door. Stand on the side of the door where you can see the barrel of the hinges.

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And we all know that nothing is easy in restoring old houses! If the door has a big round ugly hole it will need to be filled first.

Hold the lock in position against the face of the door and mark the center of the handle spindle and the key hole. It's usually very hard to tell the difference but, in general, brass will have a yellow color and bronze will have a more rose color. Make the keyhole the correct shape by enlarging the lower half.

Sit the lock in the mortise and mark the faceplate on the door edge. Screw the rosette and key escutcheon to the other side of the door. The position of the lock is typically in line with the door cross stile. Actually, even if you leave the plug slightly showing these locks have a primitive feel and it will only contribute to the ongoing changes for the door. It is best to secure the door before drilling.

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Again, fill in any holes that may already be in your door. And, last but not least, cordoba cf real sociedad online dating are rim locks that do not have a doorknob and serve as a skeleton key lock only.

Using a chisel make a series of cuts down the length of the door where the plate will sit. Simply close the door, mark where the keeper is to go and screw it on.

If your door has not been drilled in the past, all the better. Mark the drill bit with a strip of tape to know how deep to drill into the door.

Insert mortise lock and screw faceplate to the door. There are more metal types but those are the ones most used for antique and vintage hardware. From to bronze was the metal of choice for the manufacture of artistic hardware. If you have a steel door, either use modern hardware or replace the door.

For the actual installation, first lay the lock body in position with lock at the edge of the door and mark the location of the doorknob spindle and key hole on the door. Drill another two holes for the key and chisel out any remaining wood between the two holes. An antique, according to the federal government United States Customs is an item over years old.

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With a stained door you will need to be more creative. It typically has the same functions as a bit key mortise lock but most times also have a night lock which is operated by a finger latch on the lock. It is also very forgiving with old houses settling as they frequently do.

For an exterior door mortise lock with two keyholes only drill through the door for the lower keyhole. To be historically correct a slotted screw is necessary.

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Antique and Vintage Hinges

For the upper keyhole drill half way through the door from the exterior side. Use wood glue to stack the pieces in the hole until they are flush with the door surfaces.

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If it has the large hole from modern locksets, see above for filling the hole. Screw the lock body to the door. Drill straight through the door for the spindle.

Antique Door Knobs

Some are quite attractive but I believe that it's worth the effort to use all antique components. Also, never use a screw gun or drill! The side with the lock body will cover any repairs but you will need to be creative with the other side for the knob, rosette and key escutcheon if your door is stained.

Drill a smaller hole below the first and join them with a small saw or chisel. Mark the top and bottom of the lock casing on the door edge.

Use a chisel to smooth the sides of the mortise slot so that the lock casing will slide neatly into the door. The easiest way is to cut several rounds of plywood with a hole saw the same diameter as the hole you are filling. Add a vertical center line to aid drilling.

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Using a drill, make holes through the door for the spindle and the key hole. You can use the latches with skeleton keyhole escutcheons if you like the look but don't need a locking function. Pre-drill holes and use a hand screw driver.

The year it was made can also give a good indication of which is which. The keeper or catch is typically installed on the flat molding that is flush with the door itself. Ready for the hard stuff now? If there are no holes cut in the door it would be the same as with an antique door.

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