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Europe's goldsmiths were busy too. Many other individual examples of Egyptian gold jewellery or sculpture from earlier and later periods survive in the British Museum, the Louvre or the Metropolitan Museum in New York. One other new invention helped them - printing. Byzantine artists also excelled themselves in creating icons. The empire survived, but what emerged was initially less prosperous and less creative.

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The growing power of Venice also brought more trade between west and east. The Romans also introduced more extensive use of gold coins.

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Rather later, underground mining was developed as surface deposits were worked out. Their achievements can be seen in the Museo del Oro in Bogota, which has the best collection of Pre-Columbian gold. In controls were put on London goldsmiths to conform to standards laid down by the King. The emperors sought to preserve their wealth by insisting on taxes being paid in gold, which could then be used for building, for paying their armies, civil servants or foreign subsidies.

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Although it was too valuable for most daily transactions, they were used by administrators, traders and for army pay one aureus was a month's pay for a legionary. Besides mosaics and wall paintings, the internal columns of the brick-built church were covered with gold leaf. That is a fitting legacy for one of the liveliest of ancient Mediterranean civilisations.

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Cellini's gold salt cellar is in Vienna's Kunsthistorisches museum. Wealth was better used to build mosques or finance new conquests. Ultimately it will have galleries explaining all aspects of mining, a library and a seat theatre.

But coin was used not just by the emperor or his generals, but by wealthy citizens and merchants. And it virtually ended almost years of gold-working in Peru. But, unlike Peru, they had stingless bees around and so developed lost-wax casting. Yet the talent was not quickly extinguished.

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Its colour and sheen naturally equated it with the sun, while its incorruptibility which makes the dating of early gold jewellery difficult made it a symbol of permanence. Many museums in Europe hold gold coins and treasures from the medieval era. One gold clasp, adorned by an oval plate and five lions, was over centimetres one foot long. Her female attendants had garlands of willow leaves made of gold foil in their hair, dating in nursing school allnurses and gold vessels and jewellery abounded.

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In the refining of all imported gold which mostly arrived as dust was entrusted to two goldsmiths chosen and paid for by the assay office. The evidence keeps turning up in coin hoards dug up even today across Europe. They pioneered cuneiform writing on clay tablets the size of a postcard, and wrote poetry. The reality, again revealed by Madame Noblecourt, was of modest supply. In paintings and statues the Egyptians were depicted in all their finery - ear plugs, diadems, pectoral, choker, collar.

Jugs or cups could be beaten into shape from a flat sheet of gold, using sophisticated heat treatment. After a while, Huy returned upriver to Tutankhamun in Thebes, and in a great ceremony laid the bags of gold dust before him. But even he could not conceive the golden treasures he would unveil. Venice, however, swiftly became the main market for gold, a position it was to hold for the next four hundred years. Wealthy merchants ordered gold jewellery not just for themselves, but for their wives.