Polish sausages, charcuterie and the blood sausage

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Dark, bloody stuffing is flavored with onion, black pepper and marjoram. Add your bay leaf and garlic and let this liquid come to a boil.

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Smoked meat changes its color, taste and smell. Up to this day one of Polish food specialties, which is produced exclusively according to traditional Polish recipes is a raw sausage. Otherwise, try using a bottle of a dark beer such as a Guinness, as these are more likely to impart good flavor into the dish.

Now, let's have a look at the most specific and popular. The dry ones have the advantage of lasting longer, while still retaining the full flavor. In consequence smoked and dried meat is suitable for consumption without any further processing. We do not intend to become judges in this matter.

It has a brown peel and after cutting it into slices one can see a nice and pink meat, without any grease visible. In most cases it is hot smoked today.

Polish sausages, charcuterie and the blood sausage

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Addition of natural spices enhances the flavor and aroma reminiscent of traditional smoked pork. In the history of Polish cuisine, the most faithful of blood sausage were people from Upper Silesia region. Once you start changing ingredients you create your own recipe and you may as well come up with your own name.

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