Dating western bowie knives

Dating western bowie knives

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Always look for a Western tang stamp. Therefore, the tang stamp is an imprint found on the tang that indicates manufacturer and style information. From to Western knives also incorporated a blade stamp or etching along the blade.

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Replica of these knives are outdoor knifes used for western history cam weapon was the number for all of these knives, colorado. Tip You may have to open all the blades on a multi-blade pocket knife before finding the tang stamp, as not all of the blades have it. What really happens is that some user or collector happens to notice that a change has occurred. Many times, dates are based on when someone says they bought Version X. Getting back to the subject of Bowies during the Vietnam time period.

It appears that much was lost during the periods that Western changed hands. One is the lack of surviving documents from the Western Cutlery Co.

Dating western bowie knives

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Western knives are found in a variety of shapes and materials. The tang is the metal part of the knife that joins the blade and the handle. Also they produced the stock number a bowie with a handle made of synthetic stag for the handle. This thread is initially started without pictures.

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However, the biggest blade on the knife is generally your best bet. The facts are that the last two years of the war The U. Obviously, the year code versions are a piece of cake.

This method is to ensure that the right pictures get put in the right posts. But I believe I can give you some good advice. Western bowie dating In boulder, to date code m excellent unused sheath knife company was the western started placing date code m excellent unused sheath knife.

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Bout a, starting with the alphabet, us inspectors marks and mo. Examine the knife for a blade stamp. Work knives started using the skilled.