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So much to try

There are plenty of places you could visit around the city. Opus facebook Karaoke could actually end up being a whole lot fun. There are places in this city dedicated to those of you who enjoy getting lost in those books. Who knows, maybe both of you won't be all that great and can enjoy a good laugh about it. The Well Clinic For those bookworm couples out there, attending a book reading or poetry session with your favourite authors would be the perfect place for you two.

Trying and testing the

The city is full of life and amazing places to be at, made all the more special when you're with your special someone. This might sound alarming, but spending the night with your date and two loaded pistols could be a hit and the perfect moment to hold her in your arms and teach her a few moves. There's nothing like walking hand in hand through the gardens and spending the afternoon sipping on some good wine. Just picture the two of you looking down at the city together. There's a great place just outside the city where you can go on a breathtaking tour around a beautiful vineyard and experience the flavours of their different wines.

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They are amazing places

So much to try and so much to see. They are amazing places to go to on a date. Trying and testing the food you two cook up can be quite amusing, actually. There's nothing more romantic than walking through those beautiful palace rooms hand in hand. This Valentine's day, head to Golden Homes for a surreal getaway admist coffee.

You don't even have to own a great bicycle, you could always hire an amazing one just for your special day. Her passion for life and love gives her an edge. You can also experience growing coffee, the process of roasting it and also tasting some fresh homemade coffee in Chikmaglur.

Here's your chance to make a date out of it. Club Mahindra A whole day away from the city life is the perfect getaway for a couple on a date.

It could just be an easy ride to enjoy the scenery together, have the wind blowing through your hair and maybe grab a meal at the end of your journey. The cafe experience is rather relaxing and comfortable after a long day at work. It's the perfect place for the two of you to calmly sip on a nice, hot cup of coffee and chat endlessly about your lives.

You could pick a couple of places to try for the evening and end up discovering your new faves. Here is your chance to surprise your better half with some aromatic coffee. There are so many pastry places in the city to experiment and go crazy with. Cable Vision Jarabacoa Some of us out there prefer a relaxed evening cuddled up on the couch under a blanket.

They made pottery look so sensual. Fear not, you are covered, too. It's surprisingly inexpensive and an ideal place for you two to sit back and bond under the midnight sky, making wishes upon those beautiful stars.

You might even end up creating something unique that you guys really enjoy cooking and eating together. You never know, it could lead to an experience you didn't expect. She enjoys the company of a good book and sinful amounts of chocolate.

This would be the perfect way to spice up that blessedly free weekend. You could watch each others favourites and get a chance to learn a few more things about each other. But here's reminding you of some romantic things to do just in case you've hit a mind block that evening. From fine dining to strolling in the park or even a night at the museum, there are so many ideas for you out there. Warrior Queen This is definitely something fun and something new thats bound to give you an experience like no other.

There's nothing more

Going on a movie marathon would is definitely the perfect date idea if you two feel like you just want to stay in tonight. Saviocola Fine wines are magical and vineyards are gorgeous.