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Thank you for your feedback! Intro to Genie Boom Lifts. Check all of the Input or Auxiliary channels. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Train the Trainer Calendar.

Check to make sure that each colored plug is attached to the correctly colored socket. If you need a new cable, or are missing one, take a picture of the input you want and bring it to your local electronics store to find a replacement. Intro to Genie Scissor Lifts. Where do I plug the yellow cord? To figure out which is which, lay the cable out flat so that all of the prongs line up.

Did you connect everything using the right color cable? You will notice that a component cable has two Red plugs, which can make things confusing.

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This can lead to a poor or nonworking connection. We'll help you every step of the way. Another option is to use a digital optic cable or a red and white cable. There are several possibilities here.

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Intro to Genie Telehandlers. Whether in-person or online, Genie can help train your team to operate, personal health record software sell or maintain your aerial equipment to its full potential. Genie has offered product training for more than fifty years and continue our tradition of continuous education and development for our customers and team members alike. Try a new cable to see if your problem can be fixed.

Is this article up to date? There is a reference to the exact chapter in the handbook. Email us directly at info driving-tests. Intro to Genie Trailer Mounted Booms. Each participant will receive a Lift Pro Operator Training Kit upon successful completion of the course.

The sockets are color-coded to match the cable Green, Blue, Red, White, Red and are typically grouped and labeled. One frequent issue is that that the sound output isn't specified correctly. The volume is up and not on mute. The labels should indicate which socket goes with which Input. Did this summary help you?

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Once you know what connection you will use, locate the cable and make sure it is not torn or frayed. There may be multiple sockets available. You can take the practice tests in any particular order, but most users go from Easy to Exam Mode. Elegant E-Learning See more.

Ensure that your component cable is plugged in correctly. See how you'd score on the official exam if you took it today. Cookies make wikiHow better. You're not supposed to plug that one in unless the white one is not working.

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If there are two of the same colors, try both, one at a time. It combines these with various heuristics to estimate your odds of passing and makes smart suggestions on what you need to do to be fully prepared. Definitions of Qualified and Certified. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Some component cables only have the Green, Blue, and Red video plugs.

Sometimes, old cables can become frayed and the plugs can start coming loose. Know that the same procedures work for a projector. Determine what type of connection you need. You can do that using the control panel of your computer's operating system.

The Pass Probability algorithm performs complex calculations in real time based on your activity. This highly interactive program includes classroom presentations, product demonstrations, facility tours, hands-on operation and much more. Its durability ensures that your device remains safe and secure while mounted. The sockets are color-coded to match the cable Red, White, and Yellow.

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We're always happy to help! It provides breakthrough features, sophisticated integration, and enhanced customer experience. There might be a problem with either the input, or the cable itself. Safety is always job one on every work site.

Help answer questions Learn more. Our users swear that most of the questions are very similar often identical to those on the real test. TrainingSourceAdmin terex.

The written part of those tests is the same. The i-Series Marine Satellite Antennas are some of the most technologically advanced, dependable, and easy to use marine grade, in motion, television antennas in the world. Video, graphics and narration make it easier to follow and learn. The yellow plug is only an extra.

The set of sockets are typically grouped together with a border or line indicating the included sockets. Either of these indicates that it is okay to use the Green socket for the Yellow component.