Dwts witney carson dating

Dwts witney carson dating

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While the dance is terribly intense and requires great focus, Milo owned it on the stage. However, he seems to be working hard and is up for the challenge. It was Carson's first win in two seasons as a professional dancer on the show.

What's more, he is also an avid sports lover. Milo is the new hottie of the B-town.

From going to prom together to spending date nights together, he and his girlfriend have been ravishing in a happy relationship. In his free time, he enjoys playing volleyball, soccer, and skiing. And it's only explainable that Milo got his hamstring pulled because the jive requires him to learn some kicks and flicks.

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As of their second dance of the week, they decided to go over their first dance just for fun and to retry the Cha Cha. Following an amazing performance on the premiere night, Milo bagged the second week with top-scoring performances twice in a row. The closer I get to the end the closer I want to win it. The fact I did, I feel like I've won already.

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Being around these amazing people I feel like I learned something from each and every one of them. More than that, the pair also stars together in a musical produced by Chicago, an American theater, as Billy Flynn and Velma Kelly. The judges unhesitantly praised his elasticity and strength to perform the sharp kicks and flicks.