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All the music from this film is great. Happy Independence Day to you too! Beyond Roshan, I thought N. It was pretty popular in its time.

Such a melodious post too. And anything with Mumtaz is always up my street. Thak you for the support, pacifist. He was brilliant, and some of my favourite songs are the ones he composed. Barsaat ki raat was in the latest lot I ordered and received from Induna.

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That way, I think the tone besides the music of the two qawwalis differs a lot. Have been a silent follower of your blog for very long, but just thought I would add two more excellent qawwalis for you. One of the first qawwalis to hit the silver screen, no list is complete without this retro low-budget gem.

If you are interested in funny-but-rather-macabre lyrics, check out Putlibai. Hats off to your consistency and concern for your readers. Only, I used all three qawaalis from Barsaat ki Raat. Thank you, especially, for linking to Piya Haaji Ali.

The two of you have just informed me about this Shammi film that I did not know about. Although the qawwal was traditionally male, both men and women have enjoyed and excelled at performing the modern qawwali. Although, I would have to say I prefer the performance qawwali. There seems to be a lot of flexibility! But you have made up by including some great qawwalis.

Especially the delicious gender-war that is usually the theme of the filmi ones. However, there were many instances of Indian music directors plagiarising Khan's music to produce hit filmi songs. For me personally, the more strictly sufi, cyberlink director the less I enjoy a filmi qawwali.

Filmi qawwali

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It could technically be listed as two songs, but in my opinion one part is incomplete without the other. That too one featuring Mumtaz! It had quite few qwaalis in it.

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This is our Ganga Jamuna culture. One of these rainy weekends will be devoted to qawwali soon! And Shakila is a favourite.

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The song from Yeh Dil Aashiqana and worth listening. And I was happy to see that the link gets embedded automatically. This fascinating qawwali is worth a watch if only for its star value! They are so infectious and uplifting.

The Best Qawwalis of Bollywood Films

Stuart, I was thinking of you when I was compiling this list, because I remembered you once asking me to do a qawwali list! Kwhaja mere Kwhaja from Jodha Akbar was good though.

Every moment of Mughal-e-Azam is a poetic dream and this briliant qawwali is no less. Therefore, I would have included Humein to loot liya and Jhoom barabar jhoom sharabi. Do let me know what you think of them!

Sociology Goes To the Movies. And Shalini has mentioned two other favorites of mine. Their fondness for her is apparent, as is their inability to see her as a human being. Yes, favouritism differs from person to person. No sense in treating individually.

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The rest of the cast includes Dharmendra, Sharmila and Om Prakash. This one from Kismat was never acknowledged to be a masterpiece, which it is. But let us first define what precisely is a qawwali? See our translation with glossary for more!

It used to be played almost everyday on Radio Pakistan. You have included all my fav qawaalis! Thereafter, Shakeel penned Teri mehfil mein qismat. Hi, I had a nagging feeling the first time I read the post about a very good qawwali being left out.


Madhu, the Hum Kisise Kum Nahin song is a medley. But still, a classic qawwali. So most of the posts I write up highlight mediocre songs and overlook the brilliant ones? This qawwali is great because of all the singers. Again, not a film, but this is an amazing cover which must also be shared.

And it was a fantastic film. The Bhakti or Sufi tradition perceive everything as love. The great Indian poet Amir Khusrau d. The qawwali is the authentic Sufi spiritual song that transports the mystic toward union with God.