Finally, you're not alone in the sky. If you run a company you will be rewarded with money based on ticket prices, oil prices, distance flown, number of passengers, cargo weight, airport taxes and other things. Maintain your aircraft in good condition, otherwise you may experience unique and surprising failures. Ochiai OldProp Solutions inc. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

This looks too much like one to be a troll. This is probably the best trainer for real airline pilots, this program really gives the realism to another level, making the pilot to respect the limits and safety margins.

Hi Goran, For once, youre right! If you crash, you will lose money your insurance will have to pay the damages and your company's reputation will suffer. If you are feeling reckless you can make the passengers scream in the cabin. Fantastic addon, its a bit dated however its a very solid experience. There are also the possibility of falts such as engine and a host of other failures.


Manage an airline make money, manage aircraft fleets, etc. Keep detailed logs and statistics for every flight you make great for virtual airlines. You can also make your own payload profiles with a tool it includes.


This makes the game more realistic as it would be in the real world. After waiting for weeks to get help, I did hear back from him, only to get a solution that didn't work. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies. Ravello - ft above the Amalfi Coast. Starting small and working up through your licenses or jump right into a commercial airliner and hold on to your butts.

Please choose your country. Please read our Help For New Flightsimmers. Add passengers to your flights!

See the screenshots section to see some of them. New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

Failures are set by the slider bar in the options menu by percentage. When the flight ends you will see a post-flight report that will describe how the flight went.


There are also a few kinks in the program as I just got points in a piper cub as I didn't set flaps for landing and take off. Looks good and added interest to the sim.

FsPassengers also contains a lot of unique features never seen in Fs. FsPassengers is full of dialog, in-flight and end-flight reports, statistics, a passengers list, company pilot and aircraft manager etc. This will give you the info you need to get started flying and using this web site. If your flying technique is really bad, you can hurt your passengers, and in extreme cases you can even hear them scream from the cabin! It is simply what what Microsoft should do in a first place, satya full movie but they didn't.

If this is your first visit, welcome! New posts Trending Search forums. From managing ticket and food prices to the Actual Flying.



Doc and help in English, French, German All screens and reports work in full screen. Customers who bought this product also purchased. Great for giving you a sense of purpose for your flights, but almost impossible to advance from small aircraft pilot with realism turned all the way up. Mini report now is a gauge, no framerate drop, transparency Many more new features, try the free demo! Need help getting started?

Other currencies shown as reference only! If you are not the addressee s you are not authorised to and must not disclose, copy, distribute, or retain this message without my authority. It makes flying in bad weather a lot more wild and fun.

Hear them scream if you make drastic mistakes, and get their opinion of your flight in real time. Flights Database is still compatible. This program allows you to run your own Airline. Database is still compatible.

Fly through dangerous parts of the world, and risk the safety of your plane, crew, or passengers! Now there's a nice spot to spend a few weeks. Registration key after purchase, see order details page in customer account. Plenty more videos at youtube available. It adds perpose to our hobbie.

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