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Every girl who has had a close girl friend or group of close girl friends knows there are some things loyal friends just do not do. Falon Kerby When I met my now husband I told him he shared my heart with my girlfriends.

You know which brocode we, women, should incorporate into the system? So, do you have a personal girl code? Not only did it break my number one girl code rule, it stunned me that they were even friends. Ladies, we need to have a chat about girl code. Whether the rules are implicit or explicit, they are generally what can make or break a friendship.

Play along if a girl suddenly joins your conversation and acts like she knows you and your group of friends at a party or bar. If you see someone harassing or unwantedly touching a girl, help her out. When girl code is broken, however, comverse technology backdating scandal tension can rise faster than you could ever imagine.

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Be nice instead of degrading. My mouth dropped alongside my heart and stomach. Tell the truth ladies, tell the truth. If she asks him out and he rejects her, wait a few months and ask her before making a move.

Tell her to eat, drink, and be merry. Make sure she is all right and get her home safe or if necessary call the police. Whether or not this interaction is in person is up to you. In my opinion, saying we do would further perpetuate the sexism we are constantly confronted with. Find if anyone she arrived with is around, or get her home safely.

What do you think?

Bash her to all your friends. The most important thing one woman can do for another is to illuminate and expand her sense of actual possibilities.

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Which of these girl code rules is your favorite? Support your friends dating life. Give out hair bands freely. Let your friend confide in you, she trusts you to be there for her to vent. Ladies, why do we do this?