Glee rachel and sam start dating

Glee rachel and sam start dating

He goes through them, looking confused. Finn says that the reason she has not committed to Brody is because she still thinks they will end up together. She snaps her fingers, and Sam awakens. Sam, Kurt and Rachel riding to the field on a golf cart.

However in the end he attends

That's what I try to do with Rachel. However, Finn takes Rachel to the train station and sacrifices their relationship for Rachel's dreams. The Substitute They are seen dancing together in the first part of Santana's solo, Valerie. She then, along with Finn, convinces his parents to let him return to Lima, with the possibility of staying at her house.

However, in the end, he attends prom with Mercedes. However, both Finn and Kurt were rejected from their colleges. Emma also mentions Samcedes during Kurt and Blaine's couple counseling, where Blaine mentions that they broke up. However, she has a list of people who dropped out or never went to college, but made it big anyway. She states how its been a long time since being alone with a guy, saying its not a date but its good to be with someone she felt safe with.

Mercedes-Sam Relationship

He wants to convince Rachel not to give up on her education. She thinks she's taking a trend and making it cool, but she wears it wrong. He stares the locker watch once again, being hypnotized again.

Blaine, dumbfounded, starts the lesson, as Rachel and Sam sit. Sam then brings forward the argument that they haven't sang a duet yet and asks her to sing Human Nature with him. Rachel finds this ridiculous, as she thinks the arts are just as important. She says it too, without thinking.

Emma also mentionsHowever both Finn and Kurt

When Sam wants to know if they can be an item now, Mercedes refuses, because she hurt Shane, and she didn't recognize the person she became. He states how, as her future husband, she needs him to do that, and tries to kiss her.