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You can find guys nearby, make new friends, hook up right away, or even just meet for a date. Last night I went to a pre-party. The fetish party was slower than usual. As I was standing above him, pissing on his face, focusing on not falling off the edge of the tub I marveled at my crazy life. All of them sexy, every one.

It was a nice pre-party with some very interesting people. Give her a chance to make the decision, to meet you part way.

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Just a harmless, horny, lonely guy. As it turns out, he had only emailed me. Take notes boys, most women do not want to be attacked when you kiss them for the first time.

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Everyone dresses in sexy attire. Once you join you also get access to our mobile app where you can narrow your search based on interests, photo filters, and location.

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It gives me a great sense of power.

Part of the reason I did it was for the thrill, although I also believe there are more people in this world who would rather hug you than hurt you. It was a fetish party night.

It is a faster, easier, and more direct way to meet guys while on the go. It was a nice place in a nice neighborhood. Going to a strangers place in the middle of the night while intoxicated is pretty much the riskiest thing you can do. Some of the most unique features to Manhunt. We laid in bed awhile longer chatting.