Problems Dating Insecure Men

Insecure men and dating

He may believe you

You will have to deal with many issues, and it may cause problems in your relationship. He may be very critical of you.

He was intelligent, ambitious, and had a promising career that paid him extremely well. He has to acknowledge his insecurities to have a chance of tackling them. While it might sound odd, this happens all too often. Firstly, every person is different. No matter who starts the fight, the cause can always be found with the insecure person and how their actions led to the eruption of an argument.

His trust issues may drain you as you find ways to show your love for him. He may even develop ulcers. He may believe you don't really care for him.

Problems Dating Insecure Men

Insecurity is a beast that can take many forms. This scary excuse of a relationship lasted about three months before I realized that my nerves and sanity were at stake because of his lack of trust and enormous level of insecurity. Thus, he may put up a wall around you, keeping you from getting too close.

He will do this as many times as you let him. As long as you can get past his insecurities and even help him heal from them, he could be the man of your dreams.

They will make you feel suffocated. They try to take away your independence. And normally the person who ends up drained, will be you.

Chris possessed all of these traits. Your chances are good if his insecurity is mild. To successfully date an insecure man, you will have to learn to expect his insecure episodes and to stand your ground when they occur. With all of these emotions coming from just one thing, it makes it that much more complicated.

He may even develop ulcers

Communicate Often Talk about your feelings. Having to Give Constant Reassurance An insecure person may exhibit feelings of worthlessness. If he is not willing to change then he does not deserve you.

His trust issues may drain