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Its individual names would not have worked in a different setting. Magnus Ver Magnusson is the strongest man in the world.

Ideas that match it's personality. Well, he's done fine we guess, for a normal guy with a completely ordinary name. Well, we're not sure how Nordic naming conventions go, but wouldn't his son be named Magnus Ver Magnusson Ver Magnusson? Continue Reading Below Advertisement Not to mention, he's Australian, which means to reach adulthood he's already survived horrors most of us couldn't imagine in our worst nightmares.

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We're not quite sure how the scoring works in rugby, but we suspect the Wallabies were just given a point every time he ran onto the field with that name on his shirt. We certainly can't see anything there.

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No, seriously, it's official. Mortlock is considered especially good at it. However, het zwaard van ardoewaan online dating its two halves manage to come out the other side of ridiculous into an amazing whole. We're really drawing a blank on this guy. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Hmmm.

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An intern gave us this one. Then, he said it over and over again, laughing like a hyena. Powerful and destructive as in. Nah, you can't improve it. He insisted it be on the list.

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What, are you people made of stone? Magnus Ver Magnusson, and you want it manlier? Real men are dirty and smelly and proud of it. When you think about it, this is a ridiculous name.

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