Kirsten dunst dating history

Kirsten dunst dating history

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She's not the only one to accuse Jake Gyllenhaal of being a snob. Jake didn't help matters by immediately glossing over that and talking about how he eventually wants to get married and that he loves love itself. Worse still, she said those things while comparing Jake unfavorably to Kirsten's new man Garrett Hedlund. Jake Gyllenhaal is a bona fide A-lister, who seems to hop from one prestigious, acclaimed film to the next.

She's not the only one toJake didn't help matters by

Regardless, at least Jake got to keep one good thing from his relationship with Kirsten. In the same interview with Howard Stern, Gyllenhaal was asked if he had ever been in love. It sounds like his mind was as much a part of the attraction for Kirsten as his looks, given that he's still known to be one of the smarter celebrities around.

Smart money probably wouldn't go on extremely short flings like Taylor Swift, Minka Kelly, or Natalie Portman, so it's got to be between Miller, Dunst, and Witherspoon. Dunst has an impressive career, but wouldn't really be considered an A-list star now. They were looking at decades-long careers in Hollywood, and they had their whole lives ahead of them.

Inez reportedly thought Hedlund was a much better fit for her daughter, despite that relationship also ending in a breakup. These quotes clearly came at a time when Kirsten was looking back at the relationship fondly, thinking about Jake's dorkiness with the rosy glow of nostalgia. It's interesting, then, that this huge moment in his acting career occurred while he was on the outs with his girlfriend.

He must really fear commitment. It's funny that he made it while breaking up with the girl who had defined the last year of his public life. Yeah, they both did pretty well in their love lives.

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Speaking in broad terms about his romantic history, Jake was asked exactly what went wrong in his previous relationships where he was in love. Not only that, they both became known for having extremely brief relationships, as they both have a large array of exes.

Media outlets were quick to note that just a month prior to the announcement, Kirsten had spoken to the media to tell them how in love she was. Well, it wasn't, as both Kirsten and Jake have since moved on. You're a rising star, and a hot commodity. Then again, Kirsten and Jake had evidently done a good job faking it in the preceding months. Naturally, this came as a bit of a shock to the paparazzi who had been covering the couple, since it had apparently gone unnoticed up until that point.

Jake, on the other hand, was less of a star, having only one big credit to his name. You have your pick of attractive roles and attractive men. While she said they did chicken out once or twice, backing off in the middle of a hotel hallway for fear of getting thrown out, it sounds like they were pretty bold in this practice. Gyllenhaal doesn't discuss the specifics of his personal life, but he did give a hint or two when he appeared on the Howard Stern Show, prompting media outlets to take their pick of the best quotes.

That didn't stop media outlets from speculating, of course, poring over his previous serious relationships to see which two would be the ones he actually loved. As it turns out, the behavior from Jake that read as snobbery to some was actually what Kirsten loved about him.

It's not really shocking that they didn't stay together forever. Still, Kirsten would go one further. There is one odd factual inconsistency relating to Atticus, however.

Maybe one day that will be with Jake. At least it wasn't just a big hubbub over nothing, Kirsten really did care for Jake.