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The Historia Brittonum as transmitted in Ireland appears to represent a tradition which followed that principle, and even extended it somewhat. And Bel went to the land of Ashur, but did not capture it. The human eye can only perceive them when they have formed one of the manifold combinations in which the original materia can appear.

Burnam, who suggests their derivation from Ripoll, show no Arabic influence. But so does Caesar, the victorious imperator, who meets a violent death after his return home. The conception of each book, initially at least, was the meeting of the writers invited to Brussels to discuss their contributions. So if you want to meet singles with a shared cultural heritage, we make it easier to find someone that suits you.

Alfonso X de Castilla, ed. Next to the innovative voice of his narrator, Lucan makes use of a congenial confusing intertextuality to visualize and imitate the conflict. This is a problem that can be observed even more acutely in the ephemeral poetic glorification of Roman feats, in the praetextata.

Studies in the History of Medieval Science

The editors are equally grateful to Iannis Goerlandt for his translations into English and to David Seton for his careful reading of the texts. Una sola categoria mihi satis esse videtur. Roman Dream Works Latin literature is a vast laboratorium of ideas, motifs, topoi, genres, forms and so on.

During the Ludi a larger populace were exposed to erudition in the form of dramatic productions, including praetextatae. The interesting fact is that the underlying romance original sometimes remains detectable in the Latin text, especially when the scripts were not meant to be published.

These examples show that this phantasma is not an idea superimposed on the facts, but something which was already in the air. See also the Lapidario del Rey D. Via interpretatio Romana, viz. Third series unless otherwise noted. People do not live in a vacuum.

Hoc reditus tuus est nobis iucundior, quo minus exspectatus. Bergensis is not a genetive, it is an adjective. In Rome, erudition was an elitist phenomenon with an intentional trickle-down effect. It was not specifically Arab, save for the Arab power of absorbing rapidly the older culture of the Byzantine Empire, Egypt, Syria, and the lands beyond. As in this Empire hardly any racism can be found, slavery or freedom are not defined along ethnic lines.

The aim of the project, which we have called Latinitas Perennis, is to open up discussion across the traditional boundaries of Latin studies. When were plays on contemporary subjects performed in Republican Rome? Coupled to a widening gap between the different scientific communities, this evolution is probably not for the best.

By this poetic framing, the Civil War, which in historical reality could not be avoided for political and social reasons, attains an almost tragic inevitability. Here the poet himself constructs a relationship between his theoretical-philosophical statements and his own poetic creativity. So there were multiple Caeluses, Saturnuses and Jupiters in the ancient traditions, each representing some ancient king. Not only does he double many episodes e.

Perhaps, I might suggest, we are confronted with a phase-displaced development. Not quite precise, but it has to be there. For other forms of suggestion and assistance I am especially indebted to my master, M.

Quid scitis sive censetis? Gratulamur tibi felicem reditum. Indeed, a comparable shift of perspective was realized in early Roman historiography with Q.

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By rewriting his Greek and Punic predecessors he focussed the history of the Mediterranean systematically on Rome. Seventyfive mediaeval manuscripts and thirteen early editions are known. Itaque hoc verbum praeferam.

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Benjamin suggests the Jewish element, which prospered greatly under the western caliphs and held an important position in the intellectual life of the age. Spain, of course, was not the only route by which Arabic science reached the West. Auctor Anglicus, nisi fallor, multa monumenta historica ibi stare dicere voluit.

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Moritz Cantor, Vorlesungen uber Geschichle der Mathematik. The two works relate in different ways to the same series of events transpiring in the early post-diluvian period.