Liquidating Accounts in a Divorce

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Retaining a Colorado divorce lawyer familiar with family law can help in avoiding costly mistakes. The first step is to contact us to tell us about your situation. All property acquired during the term of your marriage is marital property regardless of how it's titled or whose names it's in.

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Spousal maintenance is taxable to the recipient and deductible to the payor. And unfortunately, even though one hopes for a relatively trouble-free process, the truth is that you and your divorce team need to be prepared in case it is not. The case will not go away if you ignore it. This is a very bad idea for two reasons.

Investigate what it will cost to live on your own. When you settle your divorce, responsibility for the debt is decided by the divorce court, usually without notice to creditors. Second, the legal fees will be astronomical. Keeping the house, though, may or may not be the right move for you. After a divorce, our sister firm, Bedrock Wealth Management, helps our clients and other divorced women make their divorce settlements last as long as possible.

Family and friends provide well meaning emotional support but rarely know the law and usually obtain their information during casual conversation without knowing all the facts or circumstances. Secure Your Financial Future session purely due to this all-too-common phenomenon.

Preparation is your best tool overall, and will help your divorce attorney in evaluating your goals. This does happen, particularly in cases where the woman is the higher income earner in the marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Affluent Women and Divorce

This complex area of divorce finance is our specialty. Despite the current reform movement against long-term alimony that is understandable on some points, we continue to strongly believe that alimony is deserved in these cases. They're often higher than you might think.