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Like the passive aggressive kind - hey, at least Se Ah is upfront about it! In vice versa, I think the timing is perfect. And I think rather than being angry with her, he just finds her really sad and doesn't want to hurt her. When we live virtually, eventually we cant differentiate between reality and imagination. This episode, while it had its funny moments courtesy of Hoon-dong, sign language dating site surprisingly had me so confused.

But Aunt bursts her bubble with the latest picture sent from Ki-tae just moments ago, of Jang-mi and Ki-tae looking happy and snuggly on the beach. Real feelings are finally taking over, and Ki-tae is at last doing something about how he feels instead of just letting himself get bulldozed by Mom or Se-ah. If she can live in fantasy-land, I can too so I pretend she does not exist or else I would be constantly yelling at my computer screen as I watch her antics.

She's not exactly a reliable narrator now, is she. He still wants to be considerate of her even when she's done something this inconceivable. It hasn't bothered me enough quite yet to make me actively upset at the characters I care about though.


  1. Also, for Ki-tae not reacting more assertively to Se-ah crazy stunts, I think that us understandable.
  2. But Ki-tae truly cares for Se-ah and so he doesn't want to hurt her which causes him to try to just ignore or brush off her crazy stunts.
  3. It was nice to be away from the parents, I guess, but then it made me realize how underdeveloped these characters are.

Which is probably another reason I'm so conflicted. It definitely has its cute and funny moments still - loved them all playing around in the water - and I'm excited to see how things progress now that there are real feelings on both sides. He was so funny trying to protect his best friend.

Yeo-reum and Jang-mi go running out to see if they can find her. And the acting - Gong Ki Tae's naked look of longing right before he kissed Jang Mi nearly broke my heart which, considering I was rooting for Yeo Reum, was quite a feat. When Ki-tae returns with the car, Se-ah is there alone. When the day is over, all six of us will have kissed someone. You could just not be a manipulative bitch?

And I wish JangMi's parents would stop fighting for two seconds so they could decide if they actually still want to be together and if not, then get divorced! However, the reality is that Jang Mi and Yeo Reum haven't had enough time to date. He was so focused on saying and doing all the right things for her, but he never really showed her enough of himself, at least not for me.

Marriage not dating ep 3 dramafire - NoDa Brewing Company

But they just sit her down and insist that fun will be had. She has guilt trip Jang Mi so I hope she doesn't use the baby to entrap Hoon dong. Jang-mi and Yeo-reum get out to try pushing the car and only get splattered in mud in the process, and Ki-tae ends up calling a tow truck.

Marriage Not Dating

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Be the first to create a discussion for Marriage, Not Dating. Online marriage not dating series at dramanice. Okay so I totally enjoy Marriage not Dating despite every weird stuffs that came along.

Marriage not dating ep 9 eng sub full

Would you, if you lived with the mother who said one thing but did another? Hyeon Hee needs to stop complaining, stat. And about something that's so serious and life-changing? Back in the city, Hyun-hee comes out of the drugstore with a long face uh-oh and calls Jang-mi needing to talk. Ki-tae tells her she needs stitches, dating and balks when Yeo-reum piggybacks her.

Marriage Not Dating Episode 9

It occurs to me that dating your plastic surgeon could be every bit as awkward as dating your gyno. This week's dramas in all channels are full of confession and kisses. Hopefully next episode we get to see more of that kiss.

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Hook up factory radio to update for free and funny while also delivering a nice healthy dose of heart and saturday. At his age, he certainly can't be the most experienced. She looks at Jang-mi with hurt eyes, having come all the way here because she thinks of her as a friend, and Jang-mi swears she meant to tell her. From Ki Tae's rational and prepared side.

What female would want her present or ex do that? Jang-mi recoils when she sees the group drinking, determined not to go home without having some fun. Apart from ho wacky and weird the characters have gotten, I still have an immense amount of love for this show. He just shakes his head and leaves but he squeezes her shoulder to let her know that he isn't rejecting her completely. As Yeo-reum kisses Jang-mi, he reaches around her waist to draw her closer, but she actually jumps back at his touch.

Marriage not dating ep 3 dramafire
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Tabtight professional, watch full episodes airing on abc tv subscription. She can't help but to towards him. In short, online dating profile nothing about Hyun Hee makes sense. There is a continuous tug-of-war between the one object wanting to go forward and away and the other wanting to pull it in. That would make her a much more believable and compelling threat to the romance than this.

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  • As for Jang Mi, I wish that the next episodes will at least show character growth.
  • At first, I thought she was only pretending to be hurt by Jang Mi's actions to guilt-trip her, but now I think she might just be delusional.
  • He cares for her a lot - they almost married, after all and they had been friends long even before that and stayed friends afterwords.
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Also, what the heck Hoon Dong, who wears sweatshirts when they go swimming? It sounds like she really needs a friend today, so Jang-mi asks if she wants to come to where she is. Jang-mi discovers the pregnancy test that Hyun-hee threw away in the bathroom, and realizes this is what she needed to talk about. That's because they get up earlier, uh, er go to bed later?

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Marriage Not Dating Episode 1

That'll be her ticket to pressurise, force him to marry her, with the help of his parents, esp. Mom says that Jang-mi ran off with someone else, perhaps the person she wants to be with more than Ki-tae. And can I just say - daaaaaang, son. Yes, Se Ah, and Yeon Hee has lame characters.


Or maybe inconsistent writing? Ki Tae looks like he is reall about Jang-mi, but still acts like an idiot - what was in his head when he let Se-ah to get into the car to chase after hurt Jang-mii? But when she started to kiss him, top online hookup he began to close his eyes.

Cody simpson still hunting for update! Jang-mi and Yeo-reum look around her expensive hotel suite, and Jang-mi freezes when Ki-tae calls. Except that it's just Ki Tae who keeps saying this. She tells Ki-tae to stop being cheap and just give Se-ah the present she wants, and he just clears his throat uncomfortably.

Don't we all know that crazy girl who still stalks her ex after breaking up five years ago? Too bad her life is way too complicated for him. That was my favourite episode so far.

Ki-tae tries repeatedly to sit next to Jang-mi, but every time he sidles up to her, she scootches away again. Ki-tae points out that she has no car and no money, so Jang-mi reluctantly lets herself get dragged to the beach with Se-ah. That aside, I loved this episode. When it comes to Se-ah, come on, why would you believe what she babbles about the baby. Hyun Hee's plight was so obvious, but I'm still curious how Hoon Dong will eventually handle it.

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