Mercedes benz museum eintrittskarten online dating

Mercedes benz museum eintrittskarten online dating

It's unique and a real stroke of luck. You will find these on the ground floor beside the parking ticket machines and glass door.

Travel by public transportations directly to the Mercedes-Benz Museum. Few inventions have made such an impact on the human world. Parking with Oldtimer Vehicles We are happy to welcome all visitors travelling in an oldtimer vehicle. Depending on your interests, you have a free choice of how many and which offers to take up. The Mercedes-Benz Museum offers a comprehensive programme of entertainment all year round that covers all aspects of the history of the automobile.

The Collection rooms offer a thematic presentation of the wealth and diversity of vehicles made by the brand. Giving car enthusiasts from all over the world this added value was just a matter of time. Visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart and you will be entering the only place in the world capable of documenting the unbroken history of the automobile from its very beginning.

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As an automotive city of distinction, Stuttgart is also home to two of the most spectacular car museums. Realise your own idea of the car of the future. You need no previous knowledge. Present your parking ticket when shopping in our museum shops or visiting our restaurants and you will be granted one hour of free parking. At the sketching table you can produce drawings and plans for your own, personal car model.

Waiting times may occur on occasion. The Museum rally combines fun with excitement, and there is plenty of knowledge to be obtained too. Visitors can therefore also experience live how the Porsche Museum workshop restores classic cars and prepares them for use. The German Railway travel information knows the train, trams and bus schedules.

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Arrival by train Enjoy your journey from the beginning. We look forward to pleasurable hours and imaginative creations. Many visitors tell us that the museums are the only reason they travel to Stuttgart. Classes from Primary on, receive age-based booklets on demand. The Legend rooms document the history of the Mercedes-Benz brand and are subdivided into themes and epochs.

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You are more than welcome to park on the mound at the main entrance to the museum. Parking for visitors with a disability Parking spaces for visitors with a disability is available in the museum's multi-storey car park. The only requirement is that you enjoy creative work. At various stations you will be accompanied and assisted by highly knowledgeable team members. Museum The history of the automobile holds a special fascination for all age groups.

Arrival by train