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Server Veterans those who have played on the server in the past will start with blocks, all others start with blocks. If you decided to claim any area that has been abandoned to gather materials, funny dating website ads cost you must clear the entire area from sky to ground level. It is strongly suggested that you claim your entire build to prevent griefing and damage.

This also includes naming of items that could be considered in a bad light and in terrible taste. Those who are griefed may or may not have items replaced, however we will research requests and ban users who cause trouble.

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So, tether at your own risk. Mods that allow flying, unfair play or modification of the game to create an unfair advantage are not allowed. Creeper damage counts as griefing if not repaired! Make sure you put it back exactly as it was when you got there if you get nuked by a creeper.

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If a Moderator determines a rule violation has been made, then they will rule accordingly. All Moderator and Administrator rulings are final, even if they are outside the full scope. The following below are examples and is not an all inclusive list. If you abandon any claim, you must clear your claim completely from sky to ground level. If you accidentally knock a hole in something then you fix it the way it was.

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