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The Government is also imposing tougher performance targets and penalties. She said a boost to maintenance must be met with adequate staffing levels. This system speeds up the tendering cycle and reduces the time and costs for both Metro and our suppliers. Metro's favoured status extends to the government's other level crossing removals, giving the company a big stake in billions of dollars of work over the next few years.

Metro has also developed a set of Supplier Guidelines which outline our expectations of the suppliers we have engaged. Metro were given an exemption from the guidelines on the basis that only Siemens and Alstom have the necessary expertise, the government said. Metro has invited just two companies, Siemens and Alstom, to bid for the work as subcontractors. Metro Trains will receive more lucrative bonuses for meeting performance targets under the new contract. The government said Metro, along with the Level Crossing Removal Authority, had been given responsibility for managing the tendering process for the project, how i went from broke to millionaire dating because it is the rail operator.

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What's changing?

The railway line is Melbourne's most congested, with chronic peak-hour overcrowding and some of the city's worst road bottlenecks at level crossings. Frustrated commuters tried to get onto packed trams after Melbourne's train lines went down. This e-tendering system has been developed by TenderLink. Where available, submission of your bids can be completed through the e-tender box facility. An artist's impression of the sky rail at Murrumbeena station.

Danielle Bonica There will also be a major investment boost to maintenance and recruitment, including a push to create new jobs.

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