Mg6 review british car enthusiasts dating

Mg6 review british car enthusiasts dating

The diesel engine is a

The car changes direction swiftly, has a decent amount of grip and feels well balanced. The latest Ceed is the best yet. There's still work to be done, though.

Drastic changes, even if it looks broadly the same. Its poor safety rating, weak resale values and cheap-feeling interior prove that to a certain extent you still get what you pay for. The gear-change is quick, light and accurate and well matched to the engine.

At least the air-con controls themselves are relatively easy to get to grips with. The diesel engine is a torquey, if slightly vocal unit. Even the base-spec S model comes with heated seats. We liked the brakes, which provide good pedal feel with reasonable stopping power. Under the floor of the boot is a space-saver spare wheel.

At least the aircon controls themselvesWe liked the brakesEven the basespec S model

Prices were slashed when the car had its mid-life facelift, making it look like especially good value. It's not quite on a par with that which you'd find in other mainstream European rivals, but it's functional and offers a wide array of features. All doors have side intrusion protection. The body does roll, but not alarmingly, while the steering feels well weighted, direct and has reasonable on-centre feel, but it is inert once you are in the corner.

You do get plenty of equipment for your money, too. Well if you list the equipment this is all going to seem tickety boo. It was one of the few good points of the original model. Unfortunately, there are quite a few buttons spread out below the air-conditioning vents, which can make it hard to work out how to access the function you want. The general public would also take some convincing.

The interior is heaps better than it was. The steering, although a tad on the light side, provided good levels of feedback and it could be flung about in an enjoyable manner. Built-in pedestrian protection may have gained a fifth star.

Under the floor

This too has been fettled, resulting in improvements to both acceleration and efficiency. The twin-dial instrument binnacle is clear enough and the centre console touchscreen is receptive if not agile to the touch. The driving experience is up there with more expensive rivals. It may not be the most enthralling car to drive, or the best finished, but it does represent good value for money. Small bumps or holes in the road are lapped up well and the car felt solidly-built when driven over such surfaces.

The clutch has a sharp biting point that might take you by surprise, but the gearchange is slick and encouraging. The boot is also of a very good size, being wide, long and flat and the rear seats are easily foldable.