Nbc new adventure dating show

Nbc new adventure dating show

Listed below are the six new

Gillund is a fierce competitor and keeps her eye on the prize - finding herself a man and winning the show. Also in the next episode, the newly formed trios are shackled together to endure a rigorous challenge through the jungle and led into a smoldering bat cave. She's searching for a witty man who can keep up with her. The series culminates with just one couple left standing.

The winning couple will

Her secret weapon is her piercing green eyes, which she says men have a hard time resisting. She grew up bass fishing in the Everglades and definitely knows her way in the wild.

Listed below are the six new surprise women that will pair up with the existing couples to kick off the episode three adventures as trios. The winning couple will enjoy a romantic sailboat cruise, while the emotional Couple's Choice Ceremony brings surprise rejections and sends six women home without finding love in the wild.

This art teacher is sure to get creative in finding ways to lure Mr.

This San Diego native is looking for a guy that is ready to commit. At the end of every episode, heartbroken singles are sent home. This super-confident girl believes in love at first sight and will do whatever it takes to get the guy she wants.

Tom Shelly serves as executive producer. The show, hosted by Jenny McCarthy, kicked off the season by introducing seven surprise men for the ladies to pair up with to form trios. Sacco is often unfairly judged by her appearance, but don't be fooled by her beauty, she has the brains and brawn as well.

Tom Shelly serves