The Official Nerdfighter Lexicon

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Resulted in Nerdfighteria finding her history and various name changes. The phrase was originally said by The Yeti on her first date with John, although this is not a widely known fact. Aaron Carroll discusses issues including Obamacare and medical myths. Hank often performs his wrock songs there.

It means recognizing that others are more than what they seem with many different facets and therefore more like ourselves that we ever imagined. Agloe, unfortunately, no longer exists.

Featured in An Abundance of Katherines. As the title of this book suggests, Colin has dated quite a few girls named Katherine, all spelled the same way. It hung on a wall in the background of many videos. It has since become the umbrella company under which many other projects by John and Hank operate.

It means recognizing that

John was a chronic dumpee. Older brother of Alice Green. He concludes that he is not an octopus. Used by John in question answering videos. He is played by Nat Wolff in the movie adaptation.

Hank also has a shirt of this. Someone who, instead of being made out of bones and organs and stuff, is made entirely out of awesome. These are often drawn in a distinctive cartoon-style way by Hank. Organiser of LeakyCon Lit.

The Official Nerdfighter Lexicon

The love interest of Miles Halter. And then Hank wrote a song about it. Published in by Dutton and Speak.

Hank records a video at a party in a very ominous way. An author who is admired by John to such a degree that he added her to his Guilt Free Three. National Novel Writing Month. The orange or pink liquid that comes out of the bottle when attempting to squeeze out ketchup. This has prompted a Giraffe Love t-shirt.

Agloe unfortunately no longer exists

It has a history of running for one book, before being forgotten for a year and a half. Not to be confused with an initialism. Also mentioned in this Question Tuesday video. He assists with the production of The Brain Scoop.

Featured in An

Sung by Hank during his punishment in which he had to give out Peeps to strangers on the street. Also made into a fanvid that John later uploaded. Majored in Biochemistry in college, now a YouTuber, entrepreneur, and musician. They made themselves spoonhands people, called Edward and Edwina Spoonhands sometimes called spoonfingers instead of spoonhands. She specialises in wrock music.

First mentioned as a free pass list. John is well-known for these in his writing.

The second year of the Hungry Games welcomed a new competitor, Emily Graslie of The Brain Scoop, and involved brownies and a magnetic fishing game. An Anglerfish drawn by a Hank. Can also be found on his own YouTube channel. Art created by Nerdfighters about Nerdfighteria. He mistook the name to read Nerd Fighters, hence the name of the Nerdfighter community.

One of the main characters, Radar, has parents who are obsessed with collecting as many as possible and hold the record for the most black Santas. An exclamation one makes when completely and utterly excited eg.