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This app keeps you in the know no matter where your travels take you. Attendees get handy reminders about the events they planned to attend, organizers can see guest lists. In short, Slice is an online shopper's best friend. Many people fear not being unable to communicate with people from another country while traveling. Do you want our antivirus for Mac instead?

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You can request a wheelchair-accessible vehicle through Uber. This is handy, because the Facebook Messenger app is fantastic. There are also social features, so you can compete against your friends. It also connects you to videos and news headlines, courtesy of the popular sports cable network. Performance is just as smooth as the stock Pixel Launcher and it doesn't affect the use of Google Assistant, though of course, Cortana would feel more at home as your voice assistant.

Marking one of Apple's first forays into Android development, Apple Music brings the company's impressive musical catalog to Android. But the odds are that most people you know are already on Facebook.

Then advanced photo editing put it on par with Photoshop Express for image correction and manipulation. Be sure to try out the app's excellent widgets, too.

Wiki Encyclopedia is another Wikipedia app for android. The fat old encyclopedia on my desk started gathering dust once Wikipedia showed up. The free app transforms your Android smartphone or tablet into a digital long box that houses and syncs your purchases across multiple devices. This file is for Android and won't work on your Mac.

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It's simple, clean, and easily handles voice and video calling. With an accompanying set of useful widgets, it's the best weather app on Android. This file is for Mac and won't work on your Android. Seamless takes care of all that, even letting you pay via credit card from your Android.

This highly customizable app is great for chilling out with an episode of your favorite casts, and it can also sync among different devices so that you can pick up right where you left off. Wikimedia Outreach Education Newsletter.

Do you want our cleaning app for Mac instead? Eve by Glow lets you track physical and emotional states, which can lead to some important insights when you take the time to interpret your own data.

Fastwiki Offline Encyclopedia for Android - APK Download

This photo editor can do more than just build mosaics of pictures. You can watch your precious commodities make their stately way to your doorstep, get alerts when they are delivered, and even receive warnings if they've been recalled or the price has dropped. This app has received perfect scores from two independent research labs, and scans your phone in mere seconds. Android Developers Portal.

Some classic features have returned to Swarm, like leaderboards and mayorships, but these gamification aspects take a back seat to the action. Google Opinion Rewards is appropriately named. Reminders and a handy calendar tool can help take the guesswork out of life.

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With the close integration between Pocket and the Android sharing tools, you can pocket just about anything from your phone. Everyone is terrible at passwords. Once installed, Songkick scans your device for tunes and then lets you see when and where your favorite artists are playing. It seems like just yesterday that Instagram was adding video.

Textra is an excellent alternative to Messages on Android. Personalized SafeSearch Voice Search.

The app works offline but when you are online you can share the interesting stuff via Facebook or through e-mail. It gives you full access to the online encyclopedia along with the ability to save Wikipedia articles offline for later access.

And now with offline viewing capability in the mobile app, you can download select episodes to watch at your leisure. Another paid app on the list, oblivion 4 this one brings the famed Britannica Encyclopedia to your mobile device.

The Daily Edition feature gives you the most important news along with themed stories for each day of the week. For the worker on the go, it's essential. Although you need a paid Kaspersky Internet Security subscription to use all its features, some basic functionality is available for free. Cookpad connects you with a vibrant array of recipes.

Fastwiki Offline Encyclopedia for Android - APK Download

Further, it offers multiple transportation options for each city, so if you feel like taking the ferry to work one morning, there's nothing stopping you. When you're looking to take your smartphone snapshots to the next level, seek out this app. The hardest part of scheduling a meeting is getting everyone to agree. Get ready to cut the cord and kick cable out of your life. If you want portable document scanning, but aren't keen on getting an Evernote account, this might be the solution for you.

This bright, colorful app is laser-focused on check-ins, making it easy to let your friends know where you are and earn cute badges in the process. The Quantum update just makes everything better. Google Pay has gone through many permutations over the years.