Poner en orden alfabetico online dating

Poner en orden alfabetico online dating

Johann polishes his shoes twiceMayte and Eli do

My friends are not playing football. The sun rises every morning. Teresa was wearing a pink dress.

She sometimes drinks a Cola. Lily takes the train to work. You have to do a lot of homework. My teacher is standing behind me.

The lion is playing with his cub. The ambulance is driving very fast. My father works very hard. Robert likes to travel to different countries.

Bill Gates is a famous person

Orden Alfabetico by Juan José Millás

The film was just terrible. The new library opens next week. She always brushes her teeth.

The earth goes around the sun. My best friend is sitting next to me.

Sally had chicken for

The new supermarket opens on Friday. His brother has dark hair. The train leaves in five minutes. Peter lives in a big house. Neptune is the eighth planet in our Solar system.

We were in Sydney for a week. You have a stain on your shirt. When she saw me she smiled.

Our teacher has a very kind face. She does very interesting work. Kim wore a mask on Halloween. Isabel has blond hair and blue eyes. There was a tree beside the river.

My name is Michael Jackson. My favourite city is Barcelona. Tomorrow we are going to the movie. In the evening I play a musical instrument.

Mayte and Eli do always well in math tests. Bill Gates is a famous person. Sally had chicken for dinner. Johann polishes his shoes twice a week.