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The quantum of compensation again varies from area to area depending on the real estate value of the land. As a result, the project had to be stalled. But for this, there are many procedures involved - wherein we first have to issue notices to the property owners. The fact remains that such Transfer of Development Rights scheme are almost always never truly compensatory.

Courts have also threatened contempt action against officials violating provisions of law that mandate public involvement in decision making Eg. He told people that no political parties would help them and they have to take to streets against any attempt to acquire their properties for road widening. Length of the jam decreases and width increases.

This post has a plan to fasten the exit from this intersection. Srinivas Kale spoke about the helplessness of the citizens. They constructed another underpass adjacent to the first one. Yet, various civic and infrastructure agencies of the local and state governments continue to promote projects in flagrant disregard for such binding legal directives. Nomatter however the road is wide, there is always traffic jams.

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Why to loose our precious trees which are seniors in terms of age for a foolish act of road widening which we all know is not going to give us any solution. Also the pavements were narrowed still further. The project is taken up only for private and corrupt purpose.

Debts, loans and loss of jobs that plague the traders who have managed to setup their business in Chamarajpet. Repeated Governments have been talking about making Bangalore world class. This creates long jams on both sides of the road. Normal life was affected as shops and commercial establishments had downed shutters. Post widening, there will be enough width single lane on the surface level for any vehicles from Bapujinagar to turn left into Guddadahalli.

Ask Gopal Krishna, owner of Archies Gallery about the road widening project and he vociferously objects to it. Whats important is to find ways to solve the bottleneck without chopping the trees, if any available. He urged citizens to take a proactive role in the local administration. Our leaders have become the masters of saying both yes and no in the same breath, and we have become the masters of beliving what they say.

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Road Widening In Bangalore

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They realised it was extremely difficult for cars to pass on. Jayalakshmi and convenor of Save Bangalore Committee B. Its all so wide still there are lots of delays in traffic.

It is time that people are genuinely involved in formulating decisions to evolve public transport and urban infrastructure projects that will indeed genuninely benefit all. Forced eviction without prior informed consent and fair compensation is against the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights which India has ratified.

Further, Courts have also held such massive projects must be promoted only after considering comprehensively their environmental and social impacts Eg. One of the affected parties asked Justice M F Saldanha about his opinion on launching satyagraha. In fact, there is a civic team to assess the social impact of such projects.

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