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The game features many first-person shooters elements. Shadow of Chernobyl features a multi-endings system.

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Dynamic day-night cycle and weather system, that directly impacts gameplay. Financial success will allow us to develop S. Clear Sky is a prequel set a year before Shadow of Chernobyl.

This section assumes the player achieves the most complete ending. Additionally, some areas contain mutated humans who have become affected by the so-called Brain Scorcher. Anomalies produce Artifacts, the valuable scientific curiosities that make the Zone worth exploring. It readily answers Strelok's questions, revealing what it is, who Strelok is, and the events prior to his amnesia. Wikimedia Commons has media related to S.

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There is harsh resistance, but Strelok pulls through. Additionally, some areas of the Zone contain mutated humans e. However, if one ignores eating, it will result in the death of the player in a certain amount of time. In an attempt to reach him in Strelok's underground base, the Marked One inadvertently triggers an explosive booby trap and is nearly killed, only to be rescued by a man named Doc.

The stronger the poisoning, the faster the player's health decreases. While there, the Marked One is able to provide help to a Duty stalker named Bullet to rescue two other captive Dutyers.

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Pripyat is in chaos as stalkers of multiple factions, including the military, movie star planet hacker tool clash with the heavily armed and numerous Monolith forces. However the military has already launched a raid against Mole's stalkers.

Doc tells Strelok that the Wish Granter is a fly trap and asks him to investigate, while giving him a key to the Pripyat Hotel containing the decoder that can open a door within the sarcophagus. The game opens on a convoy carrying a large amount of unconscious stalkers, for the most part deceased. At the same time, Sidorovich informs him about a stalker named Fox who supposedly knows something about Strelok.

Artifacts found within the Zone have both positive and negative effects except for some rare artifacts which have only positive attributes. Eventually the Marked One reaches the Agroprom area.

Instead of being set in a modern day setting in the Zone, Oblivion Lost was set in a futuristic setting. Unlike most dynamic weather systems, the game features complete dynamic wet surfaces such as pavement, concrete, brick walls, etc. The player can also wear armor to increase their protection against hits and anomalies. Sidorovich, however, makes clear that he hasn't rescued the Marked One for nothing, and asks him to do him some favors to repay. Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association.

In the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, the Soviet Union decided to use the Exclusion Zone for special research into the human mind. For the alternate endings, see S. The group attempted a second journey to the center, however Fang was killed in the meantime, and Ghost was killed at Yantar after a job for Sakharov gone wrong. Choices made by the player within the storyline will greatly affect the different ending sequences. Most anomalies produce visible air or light distortions and their extent can be determined by throwing bolts of which the player carries an infinite supply to trigger them.

On the way out of the Zone, the truck carrying the still unconscious Strelok was destroyed in a lightning storm and he was discovered by another passing stalker, leading to his discovery. Then, the game adds its own paranormal elements, which help make a spooky environment almost terrifying at times. In addition, many locations were cut, several anomalies never made it into the game, many mutants were cut or never implemented, several weapons were cut, and many gameplay features were cut.

At one point, the player would assist Duty in preventing a virus outbreak from a nearby infected town. As a survival game, the player must salvage supplies in order to survive. The Marked One delivers the X documents to Barkeep. However, as he grabs the documents, the Marked One falls unconscious and has a vision of Strelok standing in front of the Sarcophagus. New effects such as volumetric lighting were also included.

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Players have relatively free reign to explore the world and have many opportunities to interact with other characters. He is rescued by Doc who informs him that he the Marked One was Strelok all along. Inside the heavily defended lab is a large holographic terminal, through which an entity calling itself the C-Consciousness communicates.

This defaults to your Review Score Setting. Although most likely, it is some combination of the following. Eventually, the Marked One follows a lead to a factory in Yantar.

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