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The Navia shuttle will likely be used at public places such as airports, college campuses, theme parks or sports arenas to eliminate pollution and congestion, rather than at home. It also gleans notifications from your phone, and lets you respond to them as well. To begin with, maps of villages that make up Bengaluru will be uploaded for people's convenience. It's powered by a tiny watch battery that should last about a year and is a lot lighter than it should be considering how large it is. The U Series will be available in inch, inch and inch variants.

They will be able to view buildings, lakes and other structures, with Google Earth only as a background. The gadget will feature revamped health software that works with the heart-rate sensor. It has new tracking functionality for workouts and auto-detection for when a person begins a run, for example. This feature lets users connect their device to a computer display using a separate accessory, essentially turning the smartphone into a full-featured desktop with apps. The state government will introduce a computer application that will superimpose survey maps on Google Earth images and tell you what land it is.

You can also use the Blink to play music. The style options include three new watch faces in Silver, Midnight Black and Rose Gold, and new customisable watch band colors.

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Samsung also debuted a new product product category for its line, the Galaxy Home speaker. As with the other Optiks glasses, the lenses offer a slight magnification and help filter out harsh light. In a couple of days, Bengalureans will be able to see the survey numbers of properties on Google Earth.

Witworks claims the mAh battery on the Blink can last for up to two days on a single charge. The company is also looking into addressing the space concern with new flexible displays, where users can control the contour of the curve. He added that the decision to go ahead with the map was made to prevent delay in introducing such a citizen-friendly initiative. It comes with Bixby and smartthings hub built-in for home automation.

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You can multi-task with this intelligent assistant. Now runners and cyclists can get all the benefits of heart training without needing to use an uncomfortable chest strap. Next That stance is easing with executives promising to introduce eye-opening features more aggressively. Ocean Blue is the hero colour, and it comes with a yellow S-pen for differentiation. It has improved battery life over previous Samsung watch models, and will be compatible with a new charger that can simultaneously charge smartphones and the watch.

Ocean Blue is the hero colour

It sounds a lot like Pebble's Timeline feature. The other colours have a matching colour S-pen. Galaxy Watch helps users accomplish more with new stress and sleep monitoring capabilities. Samsung called the announcement a preview and said it would share more details in the near future. Or you just want to own an action figure of yourself, but with a better body.

With a prototype head tracker attached, the visor-like entertainment device becomes an immersive game environment. Samsung also said that the sizes announced today are just the beginning and that it is listening to customer feedback about other sizes, too. Some things may have changed now.