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Love transposes the self on to another and the two begin to think, speak, and act as one. Truth is the current and love is the bulb it illumines. When love takes in more and more into its fold, more and more entities are unified as one. The official soundtrack contains eight songs with one theme song. If there is beauty in character, austin and ally not a love song There will be harmony in the home.

To speak according to what one has seen is to merely state a fact. It is described as attributeless, pure, eternal, permanent and unsullied. Languages Italiano Edit links.

It was later licensed by Sentai Filmworks for release in North America. Kamal Haasan Chandrahasan.

Satya in Love

Though Sathya tries his best, no one comes forward to give witness to the murder out of fear, because of which the murderers are released. The latter stars along with Amala. When there is order in the nation, There will be peace in the world. Sathya is a Indian Tamil-language action social drama film directed by Suresh Krissna and produced by Kamal Haasan.

Stick to it regardless of what might befall. He can be known and realized, reached and won, only through love. Cultivate love towards all, that is the way to gain nearness to Me. The film's music was composed by Ilaiyaraaja and lyrics were penned by Vaali.

It clearly shows us how the youth, in their time of need, become willing toys in the hands of the people with the money to hire them. Raaj Kamal Films International. But, the person, as such, remains the same.

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However, the evidence against Mariappa and Dhandapani is destroyed as Sathya used the file as a shield against the gunshots. Kannada-language films s Kannada-language films films Indian films Films scored by Gurukiran.

Ramesh under Ananya Enterprises with music composed by Gurukiran. Make it cling to God, let it do all things for God and leave the results thereof, be it success or failure, loss or profit, to God.

The cinematography and editing were handled by S. You should not cause harm even by a word, a look or a gesture. Don't have hypocrisy or crookedness in your speech.

Veda is surprised to see Satya as she has never seen him before. Not to be confused with Satya film. Satya Shiva Rajkumar falls in love with Veda Genelia D'Souza when he chances upon her nursing a stranger that was seized by an epileptic attack in a public place.

Sathya or Truth is God Himself. Later, at home, you may wear a blue dress. The director Gautham Menon initially wanted to keep this title for the film as he has affinity towards Kamal and the film but later opted against to do so. Soon, Sathya begins to grab public attention, as he and his friends start taking the law into their own hands, thrashing anyone who tries to break the law and harass innocents.

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Himsa is not merely causing physical harm, even looking at debasing things, listening to evil or wrongful words and speaking harshly amounts to Himsa violence. Hear no evil - hear what is good.

This article's tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. When once you are aware of the kinship of all the beings, the fundamental Atmic unity and their oneness with God, you will not knowingly cause pain or distress to another.

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Satya In Love

One day, Sathya beats up a group of ruffians who are thrashing a tea vendor for not paying extortion taxes. Sathyamurthy alias Sathya Kamal Haasan is an unemployed youth who does not tolerate injustice anywhere.