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They should ask royalties, anyway, they are used for promotions. So while there is a current ridiculous attempt to turn the Philippines into a captive Mongoloid zone like Thailand through the subterfuge of Diversity, Thailand seems to be awakening. Even Chinoys started doubting if some Mongoloids were better-looking than them.

This is the story how they were sabotaged. Questions were started to be asked why so few Filipino features were shown? Very racist but it's the state of things though thankfully, the racist can't claim he's more beautiful or he'll be laughed at at his face.

We mark with documentary evidence our investigatory passage. Why be somebody's post-Plastic Surgery reject?

Why do they even hide it was being requested? The initial results already confirms the hidden hand is working even in the Philippines. They fake the latter in actual life by plastic surgery and make-up but the tornatra Pinoys have it on their interracial genes. But this hand in the shadows is not only visible internationally, it's also visible in the Philippines itself. If you have slanted eyes but beautiful, still no problem.

Unlike other Southeast Asian countries, the Chinese in the Philippines, are the most integrated. Really puzzling, I'll talk about this later. Then real South Koreans started immigrating heavily into the country, and presto, the realization was quick that reality was entirely different.

He guessed it as much that it was a promo for the Mongoloid countries. Same with the eyes, if you're ugly, no amount of eyefold reconstruction will make you beautiful. It was very obvious there was a campaign to promote that Northeastern Oriental look, not only in the Philippines. And it is here where things get hilarious.

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That's a typical hard-nosed trick of a monopolist. This is the first installment on this subject.

This useless kind of politics is an exercise in futility actually. That makes the current campaign ridiculous because there is a Chinoy in every block and not everybody bothers to take plastic surgery. The message seems to be that if somebody wants to impose a foreign self-image which is not even globally accepted as pretty, why not chose another foreign standard which is at least really pretty? This is obviously a done deal. We actually laughed, including my Chinoy friends, when we chanced upon the news.

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There are many cross-currents working at the same time. Their Plastic Surgical skills nearly fooled everybody at first. So, south african dating scams who do I think was responsible? Especially now that the standard in East Asia is the multiracial Pinoy look. Most of the other Asian films had comparatively more tepid reception.

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Was the arrival of another standard of beauty awakening it to its real self-image? Needless to say, something became apparent. Was this development a projection reaction to some unwanted pressure within Thai culture itself? Meanwhile, only a few know Pinoys look a lot like everybody else in the world, a true melting pot.

There's actually a noticeable pattern at work locally, but I'll write about that more fully next time. Then to cap it all, chinky-eyed familiar?

It is not in the interest of the South Koreans that it leaks that the Philippines has a thriving showbiz scene where the stars are far more star material than their own. Neither is her protege Kim Chu faring better as her leading men find ways to not permanently be stuck with her. But everybody should be free to ask questions. No pogroms against them in our history from other Asians. It's best I'll tackle that in a more comprehensive post later on, especially the local scene.

The Japanese retained the daintiness of the Asians in their anime but the features are Westernized. It's so easy to make a deduction. The Chinese have their own gigantic market.

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