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Invisible Spy Earphone is put into ear canal while transmitter is wore inside user clothes. Multi Function key and microphone hide under clip Wireless connection to earpiece or hearing aid Hands-free cell phone communication Voice dialing available need cellphone provider support. It transfers clear mono voice to invisible wireless earpiece wireless.

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Different color for you to choose. These codes are machine-readable and store product specific information which can be retrieved at the time of sale. Connect the charger with the watch, find the red indicator is on, charge the watch for hours while first using.

Spy Bluetooth ear piece in India

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It is integrated with a specific transmitter o be used on radios. The Micro Bluetooth Earpiece can drive the sound at an distance of cm. More popular and suit to all kinds of people. Do not charge it for a long time, which may shorten the battery life. Usually such kinds covert operators face high personal security risk when performing a task.