Tekla does not have the same limitations so we just go on and use it. Why is it beneficial to move from StruCad to Tekla Structures? If you want to switch to Tekla software, contact local Tekla office. If you can't see, model or interact, it is incredibly hard for a modeler to do his job.

StruCad Version 11

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As part of the agreement, AceCad will be working closely with Tekla as we continue to develop and take to market our StruM. The very detailed as-built models enable the highest level of constructability and production control.

But beyond cosmetics and user interaction, where else has StruCad been enhanced? Still, we saw the benefits of Tekla very quickly.

StruCad (free version) download for PC

StruCad (free version) download for PC

We are very happy with moving to Tekla. What I found interesting was the level of detail in the statement! Tekla software is used more widely globally, so it has opened us to bigger potential markets and more job opportunities. Your annual contract entitles you to those releases, technical support and the ExtraNet access previously mentioned.

One could say we would have been the hardest people to move across, being the users and makers of StruCad. When we switch from a software to another, to us it is important we get the same level of productivity as before. Our detailers picked up the custom components very quickly. StruCad is one of the most respected Structural Steel detailing packages on the market today. Over the next few months we will also be transitioning to Tekla any current agreements you have with local distributors once those agreements have come to an end.

STRUMIS Steel Fabrication Software MRP

Home From Strucad To Tekla. We, along with Tekla, believe that this agreement will ultimately benefit our customers, both companies and the steelwork industry as a whole. The modeling is easier, and the industry's changes and variations are very easily handled in Tekla.

One might think they would be interested in promoting a bit of good will, with the users. We felt it was better to take the productivity gains upfront than later on. Tekla's combination of concrete and steel in the same software gives you immense amount of power for your job. Centralizing data into the model allows for more collaborative and integrated project management and delivery that translates into increased productivity and elimination of waste. This should be ready later this year, alongside multi-user capabilities, enabling the automated synchronisation of the work of multiple users.

StruCad now has the ability to reference external drawings into a session. So, we are in a very good understanding on what is required from software and that contributed to writing our own StruCad.

Drawings generated by the detail command can now contain embedded data, which can be displayed on screen. What actually happened to StruCad? On application StruCad is one of the most respected Structural Steel detailing packages on the market today.

Being curious, I did a bit of searching around and found some interesting statements. The business benefits come first. In addition to calculating the price of steelwork, the estimating module can be used to determine fabrication, painting, transport, and erection costs. Was it difficult to start using Tekla? We benchmarked our first two jobs, and I hate to say this, vande mataram film songs but actually Tekla beat StruCad!

For the past few years AceCad has been concentrating on providing tighter links to its StruM. One of the major new enhancements is the increase in the number of members that are supported. Tekla software has traditionally been used in construction industry, and even concrete builders use it.

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Over the years we have trained many StruCad users and are confident that we can make the move as easy as possible for you. StruCad could never do certain styles. From StruCad to Tekla - time to move on? We recommend you spend some time learning about all the information our Extranet has to offer. General discussion related to SketchUp Pro and Make.

Taking Tekla is like taking an excavator and digging a very big hole very quick. In addition to a new side rail support system, dialogue boxes have been made much clearer across the board. Not only on the commercial basis, but also for the productivity gains.

The information below is intended to provide you with a clear and concise way forward as well as outlining our commitments to your organisation going forward. By providing the tools to produce a full cost estimate of a job, AceCad is looking to introduce more users to features that are available in StruM. In addition, many of the key limits are now dynamic, only using the memory necessary for the number of items currently in the model, thus reducing the memory footprint of the model. From your point of view, is it beneficial to quickly swap to Tekla? It helps to keep the project costs down, as you see what you are doing in terms of connections.

However, AceCad still has a huge installed base to keep happy and not all users welcome change with open arms. Why should a steel detailer run Tekla on his computer?

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Support us so we can support you! So Tekla can make life easier for steel detailers, too? This is particularly useful for bringing in architectural models, non-standard steel, or when working on structures made from a combination of materials.