Type 3 chi-nu kai matchmaking

Type 3 chi-nu kai matchmaking

After the war, this variant became known as the Chi-Nu Kai. These vehicles were kept for training, but were mostly static due to increasing gasoline shortages.

However, no further vehicles were produced. Side scraping is an option but don't rely on it. Due to the slow delivery rate, training and the loss of sea dominance, the tanks were never sent abroad.

These vehicles were keptAfter the warSide scraping is anHowever no further vehicles were produced

The suspension counted six roadwheels sprung by two horizontal coil springs and a bell crank, with three return rollers per side. The only real upgrade worth mentioning is a slightly better armored turret that can take some hits to the mantlet without much danger, but don't count on it. Sixth Sense is definitely a must have for this tank. Gun depression, trademark of Japanese mediums is also worse.

The crew was composed of the commander, gunner, loader, driver and hull-gunner.