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Folders not Syncing in Thunderbird - Microsoft Community

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You can do that by replacing username gmail. If this happens your folder is probably corrupt due to not compacting it regularly. The only time you should see account directories with numeric suffixes is if you created multiple accounts with the same mail server but different user names.

If some of your messages are still missing, import the folders in the other account directory using the ImportExportTools extension. If Thunderbird says you have new mail but you can't find it see New messages do not appear.

Check for incoming messages that might have been sent with an incorrect date. If you run Linux such as Ubuntu and use your Linux distribution's packaged version of Thunderbird, you will need to wait for an updated package to be released to its package repository.

Check that the system date for your computer is correct - if it's incorrect, that could cause messages to appear out of sequence. That can make the message hide anywhere among old messages in the list, due to the sorting. If that doesn't work, exit Thunderbird, go to your profile folder and rename the corresponding mail file and delete the panacea.

This can take a long while, depending upon how much mail you have. If you want to try that backup your profile first using something like MozBackup. If you haven't compacted the folder, see Undelete a message for several ways to recover deleted messages.

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If some of the folders are empty see Empty folders. Check that the search field in Global Search and the Quick Filter bar is empty.

This can take a long whileIf you want to try that

If you have any message filters they might move or copy new messages from the Inbox to other folders. Search Updating Thunderbird By default, Thunderbird is set to automatically update itself but you can always do a manual update. Sometimes a conversation view hides messages.

If that doesn't work exit

In that case exit Thunderbird, delete the globl-message-db. Check whether some of the messages in the folder are fragmented or compacting doesn't seem to work. If you are using the message aging feature, it will permanently delete messages based upon your settings.