Updating satellite orbit data

Updating satellite orbit data

When they break up, the pieces are unlikely to retain sufficient sectional density to reach the ground. And then the spiders, big eight-legged bastards with fire and cutting torches and rockets.

From the mids, kinetic weapons as science fiction plot devices appeared in video games. Moreover, research has been unable to turn up any official studies of orbital kinetic bombardment that are above the level of that done in Space Weapons, Earth Wars.

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Orbital Planetary Attack - Atomic Rockets

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Popular Science left that as an exercise for the reader. This has the advantage of operating outside the envelope of most defensive systems deployed against orbital attack. While this might occasionally be the goal, it falls outside the scope of this paper.

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That is, range-only data does not exist when compared with real-world measurement data of radar and optical sensor systems. As such frequencies are the most efficient for attacking other spacecraft, it is entirely possible that specialized bombardment craft would be required.

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The main drawback to Project Thor is the prohibitive cost of boosting the rods into their patrol orbits. Such a system could also be equipped with sensors to detect incoming anti-ballistic missile -type threats and relatively light protective measures to use against them e. Redirected asteroids are often proposed as a means of attacking planetary targets. However, coverage itself might not be sufficient, particularly in hotly-contested areas, where multiple platforms would likely be required at all times.

Project Thor is an idea for a weapons system that launches telephone pole -sized kinetic projectiles made from tungsten from Earth's orbit to damage targets on the ground. There was an official Project Thor, but it was a study of fragmentation ballistics, and had nothing to do with orbital bombardment.