Whos michael baisden dating

Whos michael baisden dating

Who is Michael Baisden's girlfriend

Hunger for Love In Men Cry in the Dark Baisden created a group of characters whose economic situations and social quandaries reflected issues within affluent, urban African-American life in the s. She would like to leave her job at the nightclub and become a wife and mother. One of the novel's female characters, Ariel, works as the nightclub's manager.

Baisden is often compared with other newly successful African-American male authors who explore black life in fiction, such as Eric Jerome Dickey and Omar Tyree. Moved by the tales of heartache and duplicity that he heard from his friends, he decided to begin collecting their stories for a book that would provide some insight into modern relationships.

This desire grows

Through anecdotes and his own conjectures, Baisden constructs a scenario in which these situations occur. How and Why Men Cheat, touched a chord with readers, and his success story has become one of the most remarkable in the African-American book-publishing industry.

Mark, the fourth male in the novel, is frequently criticized by his friends for refusing to date African-American women. Several major publishers refused to publish his book.

Undaunted Baisden borrowed the

Carl Franklin, director of Devil in a Blue Dress, was attached to the project. Payne is a widower with a ten-year-old daughter whose first genuine relationship since the loss of his wife is undermined by his cheating. Baisden used the profits to pay back the money he had borrowed and to write his first novel, Men Cry in the Dark. In order to get his book published, Baisden sold his car, borrowed money, and founded Legacy Publishing.

The media presenceIn the early s Baisden was

In the early s Baisden was a route driver for the Chicago Transit Authority and the owner of a faltering small business. The media presence was eerily foreshadowed by his novel, God's Gift to Women. This desire grows increasingly stronger after he meets a wonderful woman and is unable to reveal his true profession to her. Undaunted, Baisden borrowed the funds to publish it himself.

One of the novel's lead characters is Malcolm Tremell, a handsome, successful male escort who is desperate to find a more respectable job. Derrick is forced to reassess his attitude when he meets Angela, a woman who is a genuine match for him. One of the characters, Derrick, is a former computer-industry associate who left the corporate world to launch his own magazine.

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