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These updates were originally released

For details, see What's new in Storage Replica. That concept also applies to Windows Server releases, where Nov.

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Nested Mirror Accelerated parity

For details, see What's new in Storage Spaces Direct. Writes land first in the mirrored portion and are gradually moved into the parity portion. If users don't jump to the next branch release after that period of time, then they risk not getting future security updates. This is done to increase the functionality and compatibility of Server Core while keeping it as lean as possible.

Test failover is a new feature that allows mounting of destination storage to validate replication or backup data. These updates were originally released on Oct. For details, see What's new in Failover Clustering.

Nested Mirror Accelerated parity enables two-node clusters at the edge to survive multiple simultaneous failures. This deployment option offers a couple of new features and capabilities that could interest developers. Customer feedback has suggested that it is a great concept, but hard to deploy. Azure Container Instances is also getting a bit of an upgrade. So, I am not sure if this was an intentional removal or possibly a residual issue that is a result of possible code base problems.

Many users report having lost years worth of data with the upgrade. System Insights System Insights is a new feature available in Windows Server that brings local predictive analytics capabilities natively to Windows Server. Storage Spaces protect your data from drive failures and extend storage over time as you add drives to your servers. These capabilities are already available for those in the Windows Server Insider program. Storage health monitoring provides continuous monitoring, reporting, and maintenance to support storage spaces directly.

This deployment option offers aTest failover isSo I am not

For details, see What's new in Storage. Controlled folder access protects sensitive data from ransomware by blocking untrusted processes from accessing your protected folders. The issue appears to be fairly severe in that there seems to be no native way to recover the documents that are deleted.

Customer feedback has suggested

And the feedback from those users will then help to shape the experience moving forward. Cloud Witness enables Azure blob storage as a witness in a quorum for a stretched cluster. Azure for Windows Server applications The new update will also include a Windows Server update available for deployment on Azure and Azure Stack. In addition to the wide array of new features available on this latest version, it will also bring about an improved experience with Azure.

Azure Container Instances is also getting