Yamapi dating

Yamapi dating

Many believe that Yamashita was taking advantage of the New Years holiday to pay his respects to Kitagawa's relatives. They must have had a wonderful time at the restaurant, as witnesses reported a really relaxed atmosphere among the four. Soon they decided to have a fresh start and start all over again. Coincidentally it seems to be a favorite of Yamapi as well.

Some sources say that the major reason of the breakup is that Yamashita found out Abiru had affairs with some other guys. However, a certain netizen also claimed to have seen Yamapi and Oshima in New York and have gone shopping in Hermes. Now the distance between the two had completely vanished, which could be related to the additional alcohol they had consumed inside the bar. It seems that he has broken up with rumoured girlfriend Kitagawa Keiko for more than a year already. Perhaps he was unsure about acting like that on the street, since he had no such problems inside the restaurant or inside the bar.

When Koki discovered this

Now single, Abiru became close to YamaPi this time. But much to my surprise, his love stories are easy to find. This lead to a dispute between her and Yamashita. Most of their conversation was in English, and the girls were surprised about Yamapi's fluent English skills. In the restaurant, they didn't care who were looking and sat near the entrance.

When Koki discovered this, he tried to get back with Abiru. Despite his busy schedule, Yamapi found time to travel Kitagawa Keiko to her hometown, Kobe. Both parties denied the relationship, but the tabloids talk about it like it's a fact.

All these prompted Johnny's to speculate that she may be ruining YamaPi's image. This was the final straw and Kagami was the one who put an end to their relationship. Despite falling in love with him in Buzzer Beat, I have not truly delved into his celebrity life, I'm not a huge fan. However, Kagami was pissed instead.

This is the main reason why he has gotten so much better within just half a year. He didn't want to attract attention so they went to a smaller island away from the main island. When they finally found a taxi, they both huddled against each other in the back seat and disappeared into the dawn.

Both parties deniedBut much to my surprise hisDespite his busy scheduleNow single Abiru