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Vijayashanti is his love interest. But Swetha has a secret mission of separating father and son.

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May be its better to look at the architecture. Instead of attacking Lingam in his routine rough style, he applies the technique of Gandhigiri. As Stalin disappears from the scene, the goons take Stalin's sister Khushboo and friend Chitra Trisha Krishnan into their custody. Notify me of new posts by email.

However, he remembers his own life once he sees Kotayya's photo in a newspaper and returns to the city. The rest of the plot is woven on how he balances the two lifes and two girl friends till the very last test by Yama to prove his credibility in his love and willing to save all the people he loves. But unfortunately his body is burnt and Kaali refuses to enter another body.

Redirected from Yamudiki Mogudu film. He also revealed that there would be six songs in the film and that graphics would play a vital role in the film. Sri Krishna, realer plus Anjana Sowmya.

Balasubrahmanyam, Mano, S. Your E-mail will not be published required. Kaali Chiranjeevi is a small town rowdy who helps his community with his earnings. He returns to the society as the Colonel Mukesh Rishi transfers him to administrative division from the battlefield in the name of disciplinary action.

The rest of the film is all about how he achieves his twin targets of teaching a lesson to Lingam Mama and how he wins back the love and faith of his parents! So they try to convince him to enter into one of his identical persons.

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He is most popularly known for his acting in Telugu films. The rest of the story is all about how he reforms Lingam and wins the heart of Jahnavi. Stalin reaches the spot and hacks the hand of one goon. Stalin keeps helping a physically challenged girl Sumati to write her Intermediate examination and her suicide disturbs him.

Even after being expelled by Yama from his Gada, Naresh continues to gain the support of Yamaja and Ayyo. The death occurs as none of the people around her extend help.


Ee Nela Thakkuvodu is a Telugu socio-fantasy and comedy film directed by E. In a fit to correct the mistake Yama and Chitragupta leave to earth to find the body and return to take him with them to put his back to life.


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Meanwhile, he gets hallucination of seeing Gandhiji and talking to him. The only way he can get a green card is to marry Neelu Bhoomika Chawla. On one occasion, Stalin bashes a rich boy, Chris Mogni who injured a beggar. The reason for the chest pain is a bullet, which remained in his chest, very near to the heart.

Shankar as a part of his wrong deeds also helps a land grabber called Lingam Sayaji Shinde. He is good at heart and is loved by everyone in town. Siddardh and Swetha Rimmi Sen fall in love. Then they show him another body of Balu Chiranjeevi in a village and tell him it is his last option.

Sathya later finds out that she has been murdered by the gun-dealer Pasupathi Arbaaz Khan while testing one of his guns. Kaali refuses, taking heed to a warning by Vichitragupta Velu.

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This is when Kaali's soul is put into Balu's body and he plays black and blue with them. The soundtrack for the film was provided by Telugu music director Koti.

Stalin sustains the bullet injury in the Kargil war and that was why the Colonel shifts him to administrative department. Lingam tricks Shankar to grab the old-age home run by Jahnavi. Release Date April Budget Revenue.

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He clears his brother's financial debt. The director also revealed that the title for the film had not been decided. He is good at heart and everybody in his town love him.